Central patrol full coverage task completed nearly 80%- xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Full coverage of the central patrol task 80%- near Beijing, the central discipline inspection department Web site since eighteen days before release, the central inspection in full coverage. Currently, the central inspection has covered 213 units of the party organization, covering nearly complete the task of nearly 80%. According to statistics, since 2013 to carry out inspections, the eighteen central inspection work has covered 213 Party organizations, covering the whole task completed nearly 80%, the realization of the country’s 31 provinces and the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, in the pipe patrol coverage of key state enterprises, the financial management unit, the basic realization of the central departments full coverage. From the inspection feedback problems, weakening the leadership of the party, the party’s construction, lack of comprehensive strictly weak is the most outstanding problem. Data show that since eighteen, in the inspection of the central provinces in 75% provinces by inspection teams pointed out the problem of the field of engineering construction, the problems of land transfer area of 59% provinces, some provinces are inspection teams pointed out the existence of cadres with super job number and formalism and other issues. In the inspection process of the central tube in the central enterprises, the central enterprises are 95% inspection teams pointed out the existence of lax discipline, two responsibility to fulfill the ineffective problem, 87% central enterprises "energy-saving", the problem of transfer of benefits. In addition, some of the central enterprises have also been pointed out that the inspection teams in the project bidding, material procurement and other areas of corruption risk, there is the case of illegal decision-making.相关的主题文章: