Chengdu 77 sets of new electronic eye capture red lights and other traffic violations (video)-onavo protect

Chengdu 77 sets of new electronic eye capture red lights and other traffic violations with immediate effect, the Chengdu Traffic Management Bureau opened 77 new sets of electronic police equipment, the intersection, road vehicles running red lights, not according to the guide, violation of the prohibition of traffic violations to capture evidence. The following specific road: Jiannan Avenue and Pegatron intersection, West and West and Hill Road intersection, and Yong street, Daye road and street intersection, pear Daye Road, the wind and the wind road intersection, Qingjiang Hengjie road and Daqing Road intersection, Ha Road and road intersection, Shu Xin it’s two road and two road intersection, Jinlu Xin’an road and Wenchang Road intersection, a three Ring Road East and shudutaidao Shuinian Road intersection, WenWeng road and Confucious’Temple Street intersection, Dashi road and road intersection, wisteria road and West Road intersection nursery education, Nursery Road and road intersection with two, it Lvsan road and King Road intersection, the construction of road section and three road intersection, Shahe Jiangong street and Erlang Mountain Road intersection, Tainan middle road and Tian Hui Road The intersection of two street and West, day and day, day and Renlu intersection west two street and North Street intersection a day, and Sheng Road and Yizhou Avenue North, crossing into the Han Sheng and two North Road and road intersection, Century City, Century City Road and road intersection, KELONG road and Century City Road intersection, Fucheng Road West and Yizhou Avenue intersection, Yizhou Avenue in the middle and four Tianfu street intersection, Tainan middle road and road intersection, Jinjiang Hui day Avenue and Huang Lou Road intersection, Jinjiang Avenue and Jinhua Road three intersection, Sheng and two road and road intersection, city channel Shuncheng Street and Yudai street intersection. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporters Zhang Zhaoting and editor note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand the reading in the eyes of the bus lane will not be photographed?相关的主题文章: