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Ciwaneisai Hardin in the first round of 1 bar leading Vanzel 3 shots behind fourth sports Sohu – Beijing on February 12th news, the total prize money of 18 million 500 thousand Rand European Tour – Tshwane open Thursday in South Africa Voytek Ruf of the Pretoria Country Club kicked off the South African golfer Justin Hardin (Justin Harding) is pleased to find their own state again, he in the first round over 63 bar pretty low standard lever 7 lever, one shot to get the first round of leading. Anthony Michael, South Africa’s local player, was ranked second with 64 shots and 6 par. South African players tenisi – Spangenberg (Theunis Spangenberg, 65 bar) row third. Ranked sixty-ninth in the world of the South Africa International Yake Vanzel (66 bar) and in fourth place behind a bar. The Pretoria country club offered a tough test Thursday, with only 22 players trying to play low par in nearly perfect weather conditions. South Africa player Hardin became one of the best, he captured 8 birds a day, only in the fourth hole swallowed a bogey, played 63 bars, low par 7, get a lead. Hardin, 30, has been knocked out in the first three games of the European Tour season, but he has won four victories in the South Africa sunshine tour, and he hopes to get back to his best. "I’ve been struggling for the last two games, so it’s absolutely a boost to confidence today," Hardin said. "I think I hit pretty well. I’ve been in this state for a while, and it feels good. I just want to see if I can keep it up." "For myself, I found the court was not that easy. The court may be very short, but you still have to put the ball on the seat. There are enough slopes on the green, so you’re going to have a lot of tricky putter. You can’t really take advantage of the five hole, because they’re pretty long." Hardin went on to say. Anthony – Michael is the only player in the afternoon to bring a huge impact on the leading list of players, he in the last hole eighteenth holes swallowed the only one day bogey, in front and rear nine holes were 32 shots. Alexander Vanzel still pursue their European Tour victory, although he has won 9 top three. On Thursday, Vanzel captured 6 birds, swallowed 2 bogey, hit 66 bars, 4 poles low standard. 11 – 68 Keci in defending champion Georges rod low standard rod 2 group. Johannesburg Open champion Haydn – Boti Maher J (Haydn Porteous, 70 pole) in juxtaposition twenty-third place. Euro tour 2016 season champion Schwartzel (71 pole) and Brandon – Stone (71 pole) are tied for thirty-eighth place. (Vincent)

茨瓦内赛首轮哈丁1杆领先 范泽尔落后3杆列第四-搜狐体育   北京时间2月12日消息,总奖金1850万南非兰特的欧巡-茨瓦内公开赛周四在南非沃特克鲁夫的比勒陀利亚乡村俱乐部拉开帷幕,南非本土球手贾斯汀-哈丁(Justin Harding)很高兴再次找到自己的状态,他在首轮交出漂亮的63杆低标准杆7杆,以一杆优势获得首轮领先。   南非本土球员安东尼-迈克尔以64杆低标准杆6杆,单独排在第2位。南非球员特尼斯-斯潘根贝格(Theunis Spangenberg,65杆)单列第3。世界排名第69位的南非球星雅科-范泽尔(66杆)再落后一杆,处于第4位。   比勒陀利亚乡村俱乐部周四提供了一场艰难的考验,在近乎完美的天气条件下,参赛球员当中只有22名球手设法打出低标准杆的成绩。南非球手哈丁成为其中的佼佼者,他全天抓获8只小鸟,只是在第4洞吞下一颗柏忌,打出了63杆低标准杆7杆,获得一杆领先。   30岁的哈丁在欧巡赛季的前三场比赛中都遭遇了淘汰,不过他在南非阳光巡回赛上已经收获了四场胜利,他希望能回到自己最好状态。“最近两场比赛我一直很挣扎,因此今天绝对对自信心是一次促进,”哈丁表示,“我觉得自己的击球相当好。我处于这种状态有一段时间了,这种感觉很好。我就是要看看自己是否能保持下去。”   “就自己而言,我发现球场并不是那么容易的。球场可能很短,但你仍然不得不把球放到位置上。果岭上有足够多的斜坡,因此你会面临许多棘手的推杆。你也不能真正利用好五杆洞的优势,因为它们相当长。”哈丁接着说。   安东尼-迈克尔是下午出发球员当中唯一一名对领先榜带来巨大冲击的选手,他在最后一洞第18洞吞下了当天唯一一颗柏忌,在前、后九洞均打出32杆。雅科-范泽尔还在追求自己欧巡赛首胜,尽管他已经获得了9个前三名。周四范泽尔抓获6只小鸟,吞下2颗柏忌,打出66杆低标准杆4杆。   卫冕冠军乔治-科慈处于68杆低标准杆2杆的11人集团当中。约翰内斯堡公开赛冠军海顿-波蒂厄斯(Haydn Porteous,70杆)处于并列第23位。欧巡2016赛季冠军球员查尔-舒瓦特泽尔(71杆)和布兰登-斯通(71杆)处于并列第38位。   (Vincent)相关的主题文章: