Cixi destroyed nearly 12 tons of imported beef meat products to buy Chinese look for labels tda7294

Cixi destroyed nearly 12 tons of imported beef meat products to buy Chinese labels for the upper part of the exporting country as the international meat products appeared such as mad cow disease epidemic, therefore, China’s imports of meat products has taken strict regulatory measures, banned the import of meat products from epidemic areas. The morning of October 25th, the Cixi municipal market authority will be seized in April last year, the total value of more than 20 yuan frozen beef products of unknown origin, through high temperature incineration way for harmless treatment. Last year seized nearly 12 tons of beef in April last year, the Ningbo entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau informed a group of smuggled beef. Subsequently, the Cixi market supervision and Administration Bureau were seized in the ancient streets of Zhouxiang and the town of beef and beef products totaling 812 boxes, weighing 11.83 tons. This batch of beef packaging printed with English words, but does not Chinese labels and labeling, the parties can not provide legal import customs declaration and inspection and quarantine certificate. According to the relevant provisions of the "food safety law", the market supervision administration of Cixi, the two parties respectively made 34 Wan Yuyuan and 160 thousand yuan penalty, and immediately confiscated the beef this batch of problems, will be temporarily sealed into the freezer. Beef through high temperature carbonization destruction on October 25th morning, the reporters follow the market supervision administration of Cixi city law enforcement officers came to the cold beef this batch of problems, more than and 10 law enforcement officers will be more than and 800 boxes of frozen beef products one by one into the waste disposal vehicle. Reporters noted that these goods are printed on the packaging of the "BRASIL", "USDA" and other English words, but no Chinese labels and labels. After more than an hour of transport, 3 trucks loaded with the problem of beef products arrived in Cixi city waste harmless treatment center. The staff of these beef products onto the transport vehicle, processed by high temperature carbonization carbonization furnace transfer car transported to the end, these are harmless beef processed into fertilizer, and used again.   market supervision departments to remind consumers to buy imported meat products, to see the Chinese food packaging label content is standard, special attention is needed (production date, shelf-life period) of origin, name and weight etc.. After the inspection and Quarantine of imported pre packaged food, in the sales package must have a qualified Chinese label, which is equivalent to the import of food identity card".相关的主题文章: