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Send cloud technology unveiled HUAWEI fully connected conference cloud ecosystem to further speed – Sohu technology is held on the theme of Shape the Cloud (build HUAWEI cloud era) all join the conference, HUAWEI is also the largest in the history of the global ecological Conference for the ICT industry. Cloud technology as a leading domestic enterprise cloud service providers, but also to participate in the application of HUAWEI Enterprise Cloud Application supermarket partner. In the HUAWEI joint conference, cloud technology to send articles to send SaaS cloud service platform and PaaS platform to help enterprises, show cloud, cloud application construction strength; this also shows cloud computing in the ecological chain mail to promote cloud made development efforts. Ecosystem construction has become a new trend in the ICT industry today, the development of cloud computing model gradually from the platform to the construction of multi linkage strategy to build the direction of ecological change. Construction of cloud ecology has become the focus of the future development of cloud service providers strategic direction and the consensus of the cloud computing industry, ecological development is the trend of the domestic cloud computing industry. In the joint conference, HUAWEI not only for the first time a comprehensive exposition of the HUAWEI cloud strategic positioning, also said it would adhere to the customer as the center, focusing on ICT infrastructure innovation of cloud technology providers; make enterprise cloud and digital strategic enablers and preferred partners; adhering to the open, cooperative and win-win principle, to do the positive contribution of cloud ecosystem. Ecology as the key word of the HUAWEI conference, the same is also sent cloud technology cloud service providers. To achieve cooperation through cooperation with partners, send cloud technology is trying to build complete open cloud ecosystem, through different industries enterprises complementary resources, to jointly expand cloud ecological layout, promote the application and development of cloud computing. In the field of cloud computing, whether it is ISV or channel or users, are active in the direction of SaaS transformation. But for manufacturers, they want to eat SaaS cakes, but do not have the technical capability and operational Dengyun "consciousness; for the channel, they worry that in the IT cloud after being substituted for the online channel, there is no power transformation capacity; for the customers, they know that the cloud is hot, know the benefits of cloud but, not alone, business development is not standardized, the personalized demands of many. Therefore, the "alternative to traditional SaaS software, it is only a matter of time" of the moment, to break the development of SaaS service business barriers, more need for all parties together and jointly create a good cloud ecosystem. To this end, send the cloud build Chinese independent intellectual property rights of "production + sales" SaaS service platform, through the cloud SaaS software, the SaaS app store and PaaS platform to help enterprises build cloud, cloud applications, help enterprises overcome great resistance to enter the SaaS service market. Yun Yun is how to help businesses on the cloud? Now, most of the enterprise IT infrastructure has been perfected, a large number of applications is a cloud service model from the traditional mode of transformation, and the application of the delivery speed and quality requirements more stringent, but the existing customers do not have the ability of cloud. Needle.相关的主题文章: