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"Comity" Hangzhou society arrived in Hangzhou after a clean money road, will determine their future to live here. Walk to the zebra crossing, she was planning to cross the past, when a long train like a good appointment, one after another stopped in front of the zebra crossing. She froze…… A driver came out of the window and smiled and waved to her. By "courtesy" money clean feeling: Although the city building, the road is strange, but the heart has a sense of belonging — because it is full of warmth. Fast-paced city, Hangzhou for you to slow down and carefully visitors will find other city traffic lights in the sky, while Hangzhou’s traffic lights are standing in the earth — and so high, "head up" to remind you when crossing the road, stop by when, when. This detail reflects the city’s respect and care for each individual. Such details, in Hangzhou to meet the eye everywhere: cycling, Hangzhou has a special road riding, you don’t have to look around nervously, afraid to cut, cut the vehicle road; at the crossroads waiting to pass through when your head is awning. You can have a few minutes, ease organizingyour wet hair…… "Civilized travel", has become part of Hangzhou civilization. Recently, the spread of such a story: a foreign owners in West Lake encountered a zebra crossing no line, the traffic police caught. Owners complained: you bully outsiders, you grab a local car try! Police said: Hangzhou car, on the sidewalk before all the line. Want to grasp can not catch. Do not believe? You come to supervise! The driver seriously observed at the intersection of 41 minutes, in the meantime, there are 270 grades of car by car in A, all the car people. The foreign drivers readily accept the punishment, he took the thumbs up: "!" "Civilized travel" is part of the Hangzhou civilization system project. In recent years, Hangzhou, the use of "moisten things silently" way, the seeds of civilization into the hearts of every citizen. Comity zebra, a survey from the city bus group. Survey found that: the bus accident occurred, the highest incidence of zebra crossings, and mostly malignant traffic accidents. So, Hangzhou has formulated the "five standard" driver bus operation, clear "on the crosswalk when decelerating comity". Initially, many drivers first reaction is: not used to! But the Hangzhou move it real: send managers everywhere Dundian inspections, does not comply with the driver will be deducted the "Safety Award", and accept the punishment. Good fashion is a little bit of training. Intensive "civilized travel" propaganda and traffic regulation strength began to become conscious of the two buses. Two years later, the taxi also joined the "comity force". Gradually, the private car will take the initiative to make the line. "There were times when I was impatient. But after the line, someone will appreciate the thumbs up." Hangzhou driver Chen Junlin said that the interaction of the thumb, so warm heart. People are hurrying to and fro., metropolis, hurried footsteps, "hello")相关的主题文章: