Commitment to protect the high income of small fund companies to do outsourcing outsourcing brokerag boee

Commitment to protect the high income of small fund companies to do the outsourcing of the brokerage pool Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lagging behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The Securities Times reporter Muzi in the face of large fund companies outsourcing money poured into, small fund companies inevitably envious heart, would also like to take on the bigger size of the company. Helpless ability is difficult to attract outside funding, only a little share of the hands of the hands of the broker to do the secondary outsourcing business, but the conditions are quite harsh. A large fund company contact outsourcing started early, capital stock, in the face of the implicit guaranteed terms outsourcing funds have emboldened to say no, do not need to get through with the investment trust funds outsourcing. Recently, the Securities Times reporter was informed, and more requirements for the "bottom line" with the vote + agreement small bank funds, subject to the risk control and capital constraints, the fund company is very difficult to operate, but the capital adequacy of firms are a relative advantage. To this end, the Committee of foreign capital to the thirst of small fund companies playing the brokerage outsourcing outsourcing idea, the main mode of operation is: if the bank capital requirements do outsourcing brokerage 4.5% annualized expected return from the pool of funds brokerage outsourcing subcontracting in a small part to the small fund company. Ask them to do the expected return of 4.7%, the fund collection channel fee earn meager, carrying on the scale, excess income according to a certain proportion with brokerage into. A small fund company executives confirmed that they intend to take a few hundred million from the middle of a large number of second-hand brokerage to do. Before the scale of the banking system and the fund company basically monopolized the vast majority of the share, even if the medium-sized fund companies are also difficult to really enter the outsourcing market. But now outsourcing and institutionalization is the mainstream, it is difficult to do what we want to do. With no direct outsourcing, a share brokerage outsourcing subcontract pool, is puerile." He said the company has not guaranteed products, in addition to the "capital adequacy Jinshang, second-hand outsourcing business, if you can use with the investment directly to the bank commission, will strive for. A joint-stock bank insiders said, for information management institution outsourcing can give to their share of the active management of the scale of 10%, with "limited risk compensation" clause but require outsourcing contract, that is to ensure the safety of principal, or write the expected return on the outsourcing scale with the investment in 5%+ protocol. Because it is difficult for fund companies to circumvent the risk control and capital constraints to meet the above requirements, so their outsourcing is mainly cooperation with the broker. A bond is the active management of the scale of tens of billions of medium-sized firms to invest in fixed income sources said, really heard that some brokers will subcontract some outsourcing to share small fund companies. In the outsourcing capital requirements with the number of income fund companies do, he’s the middle post. This is caused by market constraints and competition, but does not reflect the active management of the broker." Want to go outside the circle, make high income seems to be the only way for small fund companies. Shanghai, a small fund company, said the Department of the organization, the greater the risk of the big banks rather than earnings, will choose to cooperate with the management of large-scale information management institutions相关的主题文章: