Common problems and solutions of school management in primary and secondary school students 9c8996

The management of primary and secondary school education — common questions and answers — August 31 Beijing Xinhua (Zhao Yingzi) in January 2014, the Ministry of education has completed primary student information management system of national network, all kinds of business school are included in the system management. Students should be how to apply for school enrollment procedures? School number is a few? How to handle the transfer through the school system? Recently, the Ministry of education website on the issue of combing the common problems and solutions. First, as parents should pay attention to what the relevant content? School status is the identity of a child as a school student. The school record is an important carrier to record the students’ learning and growth process. The student status management is refers to the school and the related all levels of educational administration department according to the national laws and regulations and the policy to the student from the admission to the graduate student status management behavior, is an important constituent of the school management. January 2014, the Ministry of education has built a national network of primary and secondary school student information management system, all types of school business into the system management. Ownership is the right of every student. Students who have been admitted to a school are enrolled. The new admission or transfer, parents should be timely to confirm the location of school for students to establish or transfer student, whether people from same". Separation of people and other issues may cause students to handle all kinds of management services related to school status, and even affect the entrance. When students leave school, parents should promptly inform students of primary school primary school whereabouts, convenient to assist with the corresponding management services. In addition, parents should check the student status information to ensure accurate. Two, student admission or transfer, the local education department if there will be no school for admission or condition? The main function is to record the status, is the student’s result is not prerequisite for admission and transfer. Transfer student or new school is a post procedure for enrollment, education administrative departments or schools should not be any students before school or school whether has been transferred to receive as a necessary condition to determine admission, not in school grounds to reject students. Three, students should be how to apply for admission procedures? The students were enrolled after school, existing school, schools should receive through the national school system for students to transfer student, achieve the "nationality"; they had no school, should be the new school for the students and by checking program. If the school system or data transmission fault and other special circumstances, the school can flow through the line for the transfer business, the line process is completed, can be calculated as the point with continuous enrollment, students should be regarded as students, students enjoy the treatment (such as in local educational administrative departments and schools organize examination and after school activities), the system to complete the electronic archives transfer, and ultimately to the school system records information shall prevail. Four, what are the requirements for updating information? School information is the basis for safeguarding the rights and interests of students. The update of student status information is the inevitable requirement to ensure the accurate information. "The general office of the Ministry of education on the enrollment and notice to establish data quality verification mechanism" (to teach the room 2015 No. 2) requires all)相关的主题文章: