Country full list of 23 people Zhang Chengdong Fu Huan an unsuccessful four striker

Country full list of 23 people: Zhang Chengdong Fu Huan losing four striker an Tencent sports news November 15th 19:35, the Orangemen will be in Kunming against old rivals Qatar team, AFC announced on its official website’s list of 23 people, Fu Huan and Zhang Chengdong out of the list in the first 6 hours can also make an adjustment. Zhang Chengdong was 23 on the list of the Orangemen Orangemen recruited a total of 25 players, and in accordance with the World Cup qualifying registration rules, each team reported only 23 people, so who will eventually be abandoned Lippi has become one of the focus of the outside world. Due to the recent period of time, a calf strain Zhang Chengdong did not follow the team in training with the ball, just jog adjustment on the sidelines, so his final defeat is not surprising. Prior to Fu Huan in the side of the injured Lippi had been reused, replacing the right back position after playing Zhang Linpeng defender left. But in the end, Lippi gave up Fu Huan, perhaps it is possible he and lack of competition experience, and now most of the players of the national team with not enough understanding, after all cards in the war Chinese team of life and death, there can be no mistake. AFC official website screenshot Mei fang although also has the wound in the body, but he is a flawed result in confrontation in the last two days, the national team medical team has been to let him recover, hoping to catch up with the war card. After all, in the training before Lippi, Mei fang has been included in the main lineup side, he and Feng Xiaoting partner is also a tacit understanding. However, 6 hours before the start of the game, the list of 23 people can still be changed. In addition, the name of the coach of the Chinese team is still wrong, not Lippi, but the former Gao Hongbo. National team leader is former team leader Guo Bingyan, rather than the current Li Tie. The full list of 23 people (6 hours before still can replace the goalkeeper): Yan Junling, Yang Zhi, Wang Dalei, Mei Fang, Feng Xiaoting: Defender Zhang Linpeng, Li Xuepeng, Zhao Mingjian, Li Ang, Jiang Zhipeng, Zheng Zhi, Yu Hai midfielder: Huang Bowen, Cai Huikang, Hao Junmin, Zhang Xizhe, Cao Yunding, Wu Xi, Sun: Wu Lei, Zhang Yuning, striker Gao Lin, Yu Dabao相关的主题文章: