Cui Jian concert rehearsal set a Saimoe discovered Ni Na – Beijing fans

Cui Jian concert rehearsal in September Beijing Beijing discovered a set Ni Na – 28, most fans Cui Jian rolling thirty years concert will be held in September 30th in Beijing workers stadium. The 26 day, Cui Jian will be a dress rehearsal for the concert in Beijing, Liu Ye, a female and a doublet Ni Na also appeared surprise. The rehearsal has continued for 1 months or a new song "dead" does not turn into a bright spot in "snow country" and so on, and prepared the first concert "virgin" network, with Cui Jian and his backing group had voices, or even the lyrics of a song, a member of the backing group revealed that Cui Jian the teacher each have improvised live performances, so the lyrics are not the same…… In an interview with Cui Jian said this rehearsal has lasted nearly 1 months, he repeatedly stressed that doing this concert is not the purpose of nostalgia, "although still can sing some songs you know but also for all my tolerance, let me sing something you really want to sing the East west." Speaking of "nothing", the concert will be sung’s brother, Cui Jian said, this song is no longer belongs to himself, it belongs to the society, people all belong to that time. In addition, "the girl" and "outside" mix these two pieces of distinctive style, strong sense of rhythm of the song Cui Jian highly recommended, said may become a concert highlight, when he and the young rapper David co starred together. In addition, except before the exposure of the police band drummer Stewart-Copeland will join, Tan Weiwei, Yang Le, Confucius Qiuye will also serve as guests to attend the concert to help out. Minimum Saimoe fans a surprise appearance of the Ni Na goings, a Ni Na and also came to the scene. It is said that they will also have the opportunity to stage and singing songs "disco girl". During the interview, the reporter asked a promise: "why do you like Cui Jian’s song? Is it dad like?" In the face of such a guiding question, honest and adorable baby not to face Liu Ye, told reporters: "I have very little time on TV and hear Cui Jian’s songs, often listen and follow the rhythm jump, so listen just love, dad did not listen to Cui Jian’s mother, Cui Jian for many years friends." At the end of the interview and the reporter mentioned the lip synching straightforward personality, Cui Jian condemned the singer lip synching: "they don’t care about that stupid, the audience, so interesting in the music industry, for me, is lip synching is a pain. It’s not good to be alive." Cui Jian rolling thirty concert will open in September 30th, has now entered the countdown stage. It is reported that more than the price of tickets have been sold out.相关的主题文章: