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Daily limit replay: Trading Shadie panic disc release of new and old time shares the investment competition: adversity brave catch demon king peek investment shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide Friday, Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock index in early trading in securities, a bank of two weight plates under the leadership of a strong rise. But the good times don’t last long subsequent weakness, dropped significantly, and finally diving phenomenon, the market for three consecutive days in adjustment. Closing, two, a total of 35 stocks daily limit (excluding ST shares), the natural limit of 17 shares, even in 18 new shares. Time shares, gaosongzhuan only into the popularity of the plate. Money supply continued bearish obviously will directly restrict the incremental funding to rush to the rescue. Daily limit stocks, compared with the same period yesterday to reduce the daily limit of 2 shares, the natural limit stocks decreased by only 3. Yesterday’s daily limit stocks today: even the board rate of 10%, the probability of a rise of 40%, the fund for high heat stocks panic. Specifically, time shares (the hot market is missing, time shares to harbor laiyifen): time shares, 09:31 board, even in open 5 even board union-tex equipment: time shares, 13:42 board, once opened, even in open 2 even board of Bank of Wuxi: new times + bank, 09:49 board, once opened the Bank of Changshu: new times + bank, 09:46 board GM shares: time shares, 09:36 board, has repeatedly opened Hao: time shares, 09:38 board, has opened Lingkang pharmaceutical: old time shares, 13:23 shares Dawson sealing plate: old time shares, 14:31 sealing plate gaosongzhuan (high send to lead the intraday rebound) Tianrun Entertainment: gaosongzhuan Tianquan, trading board with Tak television: gaosongzhuan Tianquan, 09:41 seal plate, the 2 connecting plates Kingland shares: gaosongzhuan expected, 10:28 seal plate day state shares: gaosongzhuan expected, 14:51 seal plate of Anhui new media: expected gaosongzhuan, 14:04 board, has opened the other Ningbo Construction: the resumption of trading board, intends to 1 billion 260 million cross-border acquisition of assets, the word board, the 2 connecting plates in real estate: a substantial reduction of shareholders to cause changes in equity is expected, 09:45 sealing plate for the intelligent race: the resumption of mergers and acquisitions in the Internet assets, the word board Tanaka Seiki: resumption of trading board, the acquisition of assets to raise intelligence equipment, the word board, even the 2 connecting plate stocks even in the IPO performance name number road visibility letter technology and Guao kernel technology and sink top technology Mount Huangshan Wuzhou spring capsule male Dili technology Lu Chang Technology Borch technology city of precision youter shares shares Wanji electric soul network shares wisdom A bank of Hangzhou, xinhuanet.com sina.com.cn Sina said in a statement posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly, the risk of their own. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: