Death is not too big two Samsung note 7 starting points sunny came home

Death is not too big two Samsung Note 7 run together this year Samsung Note7 is really capricious home, yiyanbuge play "explosive", make the world jittery, so that the aircraft would not let up. Today, Samsung Note7 global recall work has been carried out for a long time though, but there are still many Samsung fans unwilling to surrender their love, want to keep their own. Run the sub screen recently, there are still Samsung users boldly with Boom7 run points, and proudly drying out. The user said that the hands of Note7 has been upgraded security update, battery indicator is green, at room temperature to finish the normal bunny. Pictures show the two Samsung Note7 (nouveau riche!) Run all exceeded 140 thousand, ranking the first run of the column. Although the picture is running near misses, but I don’t recommend any Samsung users to follow. After all, I just heard this news in the morning. Anhui Daily reported that a thief "accidentally" stole a Samsung Note7, had stolen goods in their own exploded, feel very wronged, is really dumbfounding. In short, strong Chixinbugai Note7 users for a Samsung S7 edge about the transition, don’t stay in the hands.相关的主题文章: