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Don’t want to spend the winter flew to the tropical island of swimming – winter tourism hotel recommendation – Sohu north wind blows, autumn has come, with a choice of a cold temperatures that can not help people playing the chills. But nature is the same season Art beats nature., you can in the north cold night snow, also in the south of the sun in the four seasons such as spring. If you are still reluctant to part better don’t want to miss the summer, winter, then swim fly tropical island. Indonesia Banyan Tree Bintan Jingwo in the embrace of the sea clear Chinese south of Bintan Island, for your interpretation of rustic peace and quiet. It is the largest island in the archipelago. This tropical paradise is a unique tropical rainforest and mangrove plant and animal paradise – exotic, a diverse ecosystem. Banyan Tree Bintan the quiet bay has a stunning white sand beaches, coconut trees and natural weathering rock, these make you a "passing the day" feeling. You can participate in watersports, dived into the swimming pool or the beach rock into a unique resort pool, or on top of the list of Shanghai shoreline, surrounding the stunning beauty of the ocean. Vietnam Vietnam to the East China Sea feel Lanke banyan tree warm waves caressed the toes, as far as the leap into the eye is the majestic Changshan mountains. Immersed in the long history of the atmosphere, feel the landscape, rugged and unspoiled natural scenery and a UNESCO World Heritage Site constitute a beautiful picture of slowly unfolding in front of you. The banyan tree is located in central Vietnam Lanke crescent of Changshan mountains, can enjoy the incomparable natural scenery, overlooking the magnificent beach Crescent Bay stretches 3 kilometers. In addition to the breathtaking and pleasant scenery, there are a variety of activities for you to choose: riding tour local, to a nearby village, a large number of East China Sea Lanke play water sports (play banana, canoeing, water skiing, fishing, boat); pick a swimming pool for a swim and waterways quietly; all mountain car exploration; and played golf in the world-class 18 hole par 71 Sir Nick Faldo golf course. On the east side of Bali Island Hong Xi Xi Bali Island Neoera Neoera Rainbow Building in Ubud, the hotel makes full use of the unique Bali terrain, the flat land and suddenly turned to deep valley construction into two regions. From the living room of the villa can see a gem green shade, and, from all the windows of the Villa can be entered by the trees around the spring like canal swimming pool. You can read a book here or at the edge of the water. Behind you is spread in Bali mythology was Parklea Sanghe (Pekerisan River) and in the basin mountain world heritage terrace scenery. This is a special place surrounded by the two water sources of Bali Island, where you can see the lush tropical trees, staggered flying birds, you can see the most beautiful natural scenery of Bali Island. Corresponding to the beauty of this is Hong Xi Neoera village, the formation of traditional buildings in Bali stretches in the waterside villas. Maldives Lu Yue Rong Wabin method.相关的主题文章: