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Shake the number does not want to spend more money can actually buy gasoline cars in this way – Sohu car [Sohu automotive truth lab] purchase, Yao Hao, infinite wait… And do you, the truth in the office of TERT shake of the 4 year, still can not shake, and the probability of success is more and more low, even if the success rate is 6 times than others, but more than and 700 people can have 1 success, still frustrating, and around 4, 5 years shook colleagues a few, like the capital city, the next few years gasoline index will be less and less, so what to do? Buy electric cars. Without Yao hao. However, for the old district, there is no fixed parking spaces, can not be installed charging pile very headache, mileage is too short, not afraid of summer and winter air conditioning electricity, cold battery attenuation, the charging time is too long, can not find a temporary charging charging station, not disable a few years battery, models too little choice the price is too expensive, a series of problems we have chosen. Is there any better way? Can not buy gasoline cars do not need Yao hao? Of course, right, you heard me, today the truth TERT is to introduce a very good method, that is to buy more than 10 gasoline vehicles without Yao Hao, which is usually on the street we saw the Yellow car. You have to say, I am an ordinary family, why buy a bread bus? Don’t worry, today is to Jinbei Hiace tertiary truth as an example, the truth please laboratory expert Zhang Chao as we interpret how big sea lions converted into a luxury car business. We see the sea lions Jinbei W short axis edition, appearance and other large sea lions have what different body writing on the number 10, so no need to meet the requirements of the Car Buying Yaohao, yellow plate, in order to appear out of the ordinary, the owner is required to pull off the Gold Cup logo, from the side of the truck, large sea lions are thick and full, "Van" temperament, only the right side of a rear sliding door, sliding door left No. Open the door, the scene in front of the stunning, not imaginary car in multi row seat fabric appearance, is a kind of high-grade car temperament, even beyond the lot of 500 thousand yuan level business car feel. In the vehicle with the deep red tone primarily, appears to have the noble makings. First of all, the replacement of the car seat, removed the compact space before the legs, the seat is narrow, the fabric appears to be low-grade weaving chair. Instead, it is spacious and comfortable, ample legroom, soft leather seats, leather handles on the seats, and a good sense of vision. The seat can move forward and backward, and can adjust the angle of the backrest and seat, and both sides of the armrest, behind the driver seat, hidden tray, open after enough second row passengers use as notebook computer desk board is no problem. The rear seat is also ample legroom, after all, the original rear passenger area is three rows of seats into the two row. Third rows of seats equally generous and comfortable, not because it is the last row and thin. The most part of the gas to the car.相关的主题文章: