Dong’e E-Jiao performance slowdown identify fake donkey hide into the industry crisis — food

Dong’e E-Jiao performance slowdown   identify fake donkey hide into the industry crisis — food channel — original title: Dong’e Jiao performance slowdown Lvpi fake discrimination into the industry crisis in August 13th, Dong’e E-Jiao announced the 2016 semi annual report, operating income of 2 billion 674 million yuan during the reporting period data show an increase of 4.99%, net profit of 829 million yuan; an increase of 7.36%. But compared to the same period in 2015, an increase of 35.94%, net profit growth of 19%, a significant decline. In recent years, with the gelatin sales, the main raw material of donkey skin gelatin lead to soaring prices, the investment adviser of health industry researcher Liu Wei told the "China business newspaper" reporter said: "Dong’e county first half net profit and revenue growth decline was mainly affected by the skin tight supply and price of products. With the entry of the gelatin market enterprises continue to increase, Dong’e E-Jiao market continues to be eroded, market share decreased year by year, but Dong’e is still the leader in the domestic donkey hide gelatin Market, the market share of more than 30%, ranked first." The shortage of raw materials crisis with the strengthening of people’s health awareness, Ejiao demand soared, prices soared. In the past 10 years, Dong’e county has 16 times raised the price, which in September 2014 issued a notice to gelatin factory price increase of 53%, the price close to 2000 yuan catty gelatin, gelatin and Dong’e a recent price adjustment notice in November 2015, then the price increase to 15%, the price has been close to 4000 yuan catty, in just 14 months, the price has almost doubled. "The rising price of Dong’e county to a certain extent because of the rising prices of raw materials, but the price of raw materials to enhance the background of most of the competitors did not follow up Dong’e E-Jiao price strategy, but to halt the troops and wait in the low-end market, Dong’e E-Jiao price obvious disadvantage, market share continue to drain, the development of high-end market will focus on the future of Dong’e Jiao power." Liu Wei analysis. Dong’e County as the birthplace of E’Jiao, is located Dong’e County, has a large number of meat donkey breeding industry, a Dong’e County farmers told reporters: 2014 Lvpi acquisition price of 1000 yuan, while the second half of 2015 has reached more than 2000 yuan zhang. According to the previous situation, local enterprises Ejiao is expected to begin this year acquired local donkey skin in the Mid Autumn Festival, now the local Lvpi price at 160 yuan per kilogram, Lvpi net weight of about 15~20 yuan per kilogram, in other words, each Lvpi price at 2400 yuan to 3200 yuan. Market monitoring data show Dong’e County, according to the current market sales estimate to Chinese gelatin, donkey skin around 4 million, while the total domestic supply 1 million 800 thousand. The shortage of supply of donkey skin, the most direct reason is the serious shortage of domestic donkey breeding stock, according to the national animal husbandry statistics yearbook shows that China’s donkey herds by 11 million head in 90s, fell to the current 6 million head, and is decreasing in number each year about 300 thousand head. )相关的主题文章: