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Eight unit yesterday announced inspections rectification Ministry of agriculture, bureau level cadres punished 18 Beijing – following the National Tobacco Bureau, the State Administration of cultural heritage, the State Food and Drug Administration and other units of the Central Sun of the rectification of the ninth round of inspections, yesterday, 8 units of State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the National Tourism Bureau, agriculture department, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Ministry of human resources and social security, the State Bureau of foreign experts, the national civil service bureau of State Administration of grain and other party organization to the public inspection and rectification. Up to now, there are 31 regions and units of the party to the community announced the rectification of the ninth round of inspections. Personal matters reporting false department who are 6 Secretary level cadres not truthfully fill in BYD reporter found that there are personal matters reporting is not the real problem of 6 departments in 8 departments. The Department said on the spot inspection teams are 4 Secretary level cadres lecture fees, not reported 3 people on 2015 are all 75 Secretary level cadres report personal matters reporting lecture fees for verification, to not truthfully fill in 6 when Secretary level cadres according to the provisions of the 1 to give admonishing remarks, 5 name to give criticism and education. In addition, on patrol during rauco hospital Secretary of the Party committee in violation of discipline inspection, inspection teams to provide false data, conceal the problem, personal income in April 24th, the Ministry of the party, giving the party a serious warning, removed from the post of party secretary and vice president of laukko, according to Deputy Secretary level of non leadership positions work arrangements. In addition, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has been inspected by the feedback that the results are inconsistent with the 31 cadres. National Tourism Bureau has 5 cadres fill content and checks to verify the inconsistent results, and the difference between the amount is relatively large, otherwise 9 cadres problems of birth time altered, inconsistent records. The State Grain Bureau admonishing conversation and informed the meeting of 9 concealed personal matters to deal with cadres of criticism, to suspend promotion of 2 to be promoted cadres. Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences recently focused on a sample of 55 to be promoted to Deputy level cadres above candidates, 12 Deputy level cadres of checks to verify the inconsistent results and the Bureau of personnel management of cadres of the inquiry letter. The State Bureau said in the rectification report, will strictly control the qualification of cadres, take more than two years of work experience and experience as basic requirements of leading cadres promoted the constraints and rigidity in the next more than two jobs. Sick promoted before retirement to take care of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has promoted the 8 sector is sick promoted the rectification report gives more part. According to the State Administration for Industry and commerce, individual cadres sick promoted problem inspection feedback, were carefully checked. After verification, the existence of pre retirement care promotion problem. In the future, will strictly enforce the "selection and appointment of leading cadres work", strictly implement the procedures and related systems, not to engage in care of promotion, to prevent sick promoted". The central inspection group found in Department of inspections, 2015, former deputy director of the division of policy research for housing subsidies 165 thousand yuan, by the party a serious warning, administrative demerits punishment and dismissal, in violation of the provisions of less than two months he was appointed Deputy General Ying labor security newspaper相关的主题文章: