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Eleven how to play? Suqian with flowers and delicacy [eleven] – keep your special tourism Sohu in Suqian, what is your impression? This is located in the northern city of Jiangsu, Jiangsu province is the youngest prefecture level city, just spent 20 years old birthday. This is the hometown of concubine Xiang Yu two thousand years ago, this is the cradle of liquor, the Yanghe River, two were out of this. If you only know that, you’re out. Early autumn in Suqian, is a sea of flowers, is a delicacy of paradise. In recent years, efforts to build the three Taishan Forest Park, located in the north of 7 kilometers, is Malingshan mountains. From the center of the scenic area of Jinghu to the other side, can see three small hills, which is the origin of the name of the three Taishan. The highest mountain is 71.2 meters high, and it is the highest peak in Suqian. Not far from the Jinghu water from the Luoma Lake, clean and clear, it is like a mirror, can show the color of the sky. Three Taishan park is an area of 12.7 square kilometers of the country Forest Park, walking tour is not realistic, you can take the scenic area of the small train, battery sightseeing car, but also can rent a bike. The biggest feature is the three Taishan season of flowers. The scenic spot is located in the center of the field, all year round is the flower of the sea. In the field, meaning "with the flowers on the clothing color, Phi futian". The little field shows the wisdom of local people. The flower is not smooth, built with stone walls, the flowers into a piece, size, like the monk cassock, such as Buddhist Futian clothing. Three Forest Park in Taishan four seasons flowers. From the beginning in early spring, large plum charming appearance and personality awaiting the first batch of visitors to enjoy. In spring, flowers are more. February orchid, pear, poppy bloom, let visitors dizzying. In the autumn of September and October, here is the best season of flowers, the flowers of chrysanthemum Huang Yanyan the whole piece of the whole piece, amazing. Although the sky fluttering thin rain, let these beautiful flowers become beautiful. A field of flowers, specially for tourists leaving the trail between the flower, the narrow, just let a person walking past. The roadside flowers leaves lush, toward the direction of wanton growth path, we can see the road flower visitors. Sunflower is also in full bloom at this time, which is the Chinese people are very fond of a flower, not only beautiful appearance, but also contains a good moral. The first autumn wind, blowing flowers swaying around, seemingly weak branches at any time will be broken, but this fear is unfounded, these flowers than we imagined. The area of the village Tian is a business district, there can be accommodation, meals, shopping. The area where the Hua Xianzi inn is here, open the window is boundless flowers, the fragrance of flowers naturally diffuse in the village, if you want to experience the live flowers in feeling, not to be missed here. The village houses are built like the stone field stone, full of local characteristics. A small shop decorated beautifully, shopping is also a kind of enjoyment. -相关的主题文章: