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Emotech CES record record gains four awards as the biggest dark horse – Sohu of science and technology in November 10th, CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) announced the CES2017 innovation award winners, startups Emotech developed artificial intelligent robot Olly, gains in one fell swoop include "intelligent Home Furnishing", "home appliances" and "drones and artificial smart", "home audio and video components and accessories (SmartHome, HomeAppliances, Drones and, Unmanned Systems, Home Audio Video Components and Accessories), the four innovation awards. As the world’s largest consumer electronics exhibition, CES since 1967 founding, the annual CES exhibition has gathered the traditional consumer electronics manufacturers in the best and the most cutting-edge top science and technology, called electronic industry "Oscar", is the world’s science and technology and consumer electronics weathervane. As the industry’s highest honor CES Innovation Award, designed to highlight the 29 categories of consumer electronics design and engineering excellence awards. The criteria include engineering quality, design quality, function, characteristics and comparison with other products in the market, will attract many big international line to participate in the competition each year, showcasing the world leading level on behalf of tens of thousands of new ideas and innovations, the competition is fierce. 2017 coincides with the anniversary of CES50, the list of CES innovation awards, start-ups get a good achievement, innovation and breakthrough of Emotech artificial intelligence technology in the world, showing the absolute strength, becoming the first CES award of the four startups in "dark horse" posture load CES innovation award winners in the annals of history. In terms of the ability to interact with the product by technology similar to the people, the leading position of the start-up company Emotech has been recognized by all parties. Emotech is a London based start-up company, gathered more than 20 in the field of artificial intelligence, software development, hardware engineering and design of the industry elite, including 80% technicians and scientists in Chinese CEO under the leadership of Zhuang Hongbin, is to become the world’s best artificial intelligence entrepreneurial team. Zhuang Hongbin had predicted: artificial intelligence not only brings a new product form, but also become the core of the next technological revolution, will be a bigger market than the mobile internet." Artificial intelligence to expand the market and the needs of the user, as well as the rapid development of Emotech in the field of artificial intelligence momentum gradually by the capital market concerns, the Emotech complete angel financing in May 2015 May 2016 to complete the $ten million A round of financing. As the most outstanding Emotech product of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligent robot Olly the CES gains four innovation awards, located in a unique personality, and can have a similar human emotion.相关的主题文章: