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Employment basic selected white shirt with black trousers misinterpret the recruitment will be the most common to the dress of dress of contemporary life newspaper reporter     as snow; beam; the core tip of a university in Guangxi recently held a campus recruitment. Recruitment day, Ms. Lee, an employer is responsible for handling the recruitment affairs at the beginning of the scene when he was surprised: scene of thousands of students who come to candidates, almost half of the people from the dress looked like a copier unified printed copy, all uniform white shirt with black shorts and skirts, almost do not see the difference between each person’s personality. "I have many years not to assume responsibility for the recruitment affairs, when I remember more than and 10 years ago began to contact the personnel recruitment, candidates are focusing on the interview of the dress, but is so far from the image of unity." Lee believes that stereotyped black and white with the interviewer will have a sense of boredom. Interview dress appropriately, everybody knows this truth, however, is appropriate or not is not to equate the "black and white". Student: cover the basic selected "Panda" in the recruitment site, the reporter interviewed found in the periphery, the question of "how did you prepare for the clothing, almost 90% of the respondents will spread her hands:" it is a white shirt and black skirt (or trousers)!" Obviously, for the job of the students, we are accustomed to "dress" and "white trousers" synonymous. "When I was a junior, I found that the people around me were busy preparing for the interview and applying for some of the equipment." Guangxi Teachers Education University Yang said, for no students embark on society, the ivory tower outside the world is still very vague, they can only be charged with Shixiongshijie to their "points". "You say, you have to prepare a white shirt and skirt to go before applying for mercy." Although usually himself in a simple T-shirt dress shoes, but Yang still early bought a set of "black and white", which is for the preparation day after. Now there are a lot of students looking for businesses to buy directly, so you can try to minimize the cost of the interview. "Who are looking for work, a set of standard outfit must have." At the Guangxi University For Nationalities to learn Thai small Qin said, now the students are in the habit of Taobao shopping, often the whole dormitory buy together interview clothes, can save freight and do not specifically go to the city centre. For example, we have seven or eight people together to buy a ‘black and white’, like I am a little lazy, the basic is what we buy what I buy." Small Qin said, we put together the clothes wear out, does make people a little silly points is not clear". Unit: see more will also have aesthetic fatigue reporter conducted a simple survey in a graduating class in a University of Guangxi, 39 of the students surveyed more than 95% that "dress is white shirt and black skirt or trousers, a suit or someone that is there is a collar, but everybody think, the best choice is the" black and white". However, for this highly consistent.相关的主题文章: