Exposure bulls are discussed in exchange for Griffin to the group of four big threat Knight (video)-verbal jint

The bull was for Griffin to discuss the exposure group of four giant threat Knight bull was for Griffin to discuss the exposure group of four giant Tencent sports September 13th threat Knight news according to U.S. media "theinscribermag" message, introduced in the summer of Wade and Rondo, the bull has set up a group of three people, but Chicago does not seem to meet, they hope to discuss a deal for Griffin and the clippers, and thus the formation of the big four. The Bulls want to chase Griffin combined group of four giant Griffin, Paul and Jordan never entered the finals, the Griffin trade rumors had spread, although Rivers said in an interview, the team will not bid farewell to Griffin, but the fact is that Griffin will be a free agent in the summer of next year, but he did not make sure that the clippers, so, if it is determined not to leave Griffin, the Clippers may advance trigger trigger transaction. If the deal happens, then bulls will have the best Eastern line-up, Griffin, Wade, Butler and Rondo will be composed of four giant, although James, Erwin and knight have love, but in terms of the overall quality of the starting lineup, they are against the bulls are not cheap, Rondo is last season’s League assists, Wade is still one of the best shooting guard in the NBA, Butler is both an offensive and defensive can play dominant, while Griffin is able to join for the bulls have the opportunity to compete for the first place in the east. In the outside world, making giant often face the ball, but the bulls, can do not have to worry about this problem, Rondo is to pass the main point guard, and Wade also had to share the ball and sacrifice, Butler is not a lone wolf, if Griffin joined, he does not need too how to adjust and change, after all, the Clippers in the period, the absolute core of the team is Chris Paul, Griffin has been used in the control of the Paul play the scene, he is not a leader who loved to snatch the right. For the clippers, if the final transaction, they will also be changed in recent years, the league has been in an arms race, although the Clippers retains the core lineup in the summer, but they did not get the young players, according to rumors, and if the bulls, clippers may get Thai – Gibson and Milo Diqy et al. Based on Griffin cannot stay on this puzzle is also very good. If Griffin eventually joined the bulls, then the pattern of the East will be changed, Lebron – in the eastern part of the United States will encounter the most powerful opponent, in the big four, driven by the bull is also expected to rise again. (cat bear) Disclaimer: This article Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章: