Final fantasy 15 is rated as the most anticipated game of tgs2016

"Final Fantasy 15" was named the TGS2016’s most anticipated game Tokyo game show E3 and the biggest difference is that in E3 we can see a lot of new games released, and TGS on the public works less, but because the public day exists, there will be more abundant game demo. This year’s Tokyo video game show TGS2016 has passed nearly a month’s time, the famous Japanese game media Fami also open their TGS2016 related voting results. Final fantasy 15, the selection of the vote from the network and the exhibition site in two forms, the problem revolves around the Tokyo video game show itself, which also includes the most anticipated game players such a problem. The final title of the game is "Final Fantasy 15". ·: which one is the most interesting booth? 1 square Enix AI Nicks 164 votes 128 votes in the 3 SONY Sega 2 4 Karp 108 votes 94 votes 5 empty glory tecmo 72 votes · the most interesting one stage? 1 persona 576 2 votes 672 votes to 3 to reverse the Dragon 15 anniversary of 64 votes to 4 referee Kojima Hideo Shinkawa Yoji SONY booth activities 56 tickets to the 5 Dragon Quest Monsters Joker3 · 44 votes; which is the Tokyo game show your favorite game? 1 Final Fantasy 15146 votes 2 biochemical crisis 796 3 votes 692 votes in 4 such as the last guardian 46 votes: 5 horizon Valkyrie zero dawn 38 votes 6 votes to 34 7 new golf tour goddess hot 32 tickets 8 night in summer 9 class 26 votes 228 votes 22 votes, 10 blue revolution & middot which one of the booth; Show Girl is the best? 1 Sega 153 votes 20 thousand generation Namco 3 Karp 131 votes 128 votes 66 votes in the 4 SONY air tickets 5.2K 54 (source: DualShockers editor: Okami) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: