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Foshan boy was injured in the nursery parents demanded ten thousand yuan payments posted by "strong public hotline" WeChat September 18th, copy "Jack hotline" in WeChat search on Shunde Daliang Mr. Cai said his son in the nursery was injured eyes, compensation and other requirements of the nursery nursery but ignore him, said Cai. Mr. voracious determined to engage in things, how is it, go to know. Son in the nursery injured parents worried about Mr. Cai said, September 12th afternoon, his son liangzai and another child raised a piece of wooden board, after liangzai turned away, but did not walk a few steps, another child by hand loose bed boards, the bed immediately fell hit bright he will be under pressure in Aberdeen. Liang Tsai has been climbing the right eye, the expression of pain. Mr. Cai said that when he went to the nursery to know, the child was seriously injured. Mr. Cai parents: see a doctor immediately to suture and suture dehiscence, that is very serious, the doctor suggested two needle. Reporter observed, liangzai wound in the right eyebrow bone place about a centimeter or so, but luckily, no harm to the eyes. However, Mr. Cai believes that this accident is obviously careless management of nurseries, the park must make compensation. Mr. Tsai’s parents: they do not want to take responsibility, my child needs nutrition, treatment costs of these costs, and now the flow of so much blood, nutrition is the most important. The nursery said but "parents will be responsible for the claim is not reasonable" then the reporter found liangzai attended star nursery, responsible for the complaints of Mr. Cai shouted wronged, she said the school is not only to pay the cost of surgery, has been coordinating to solve this matter, but said to find Mr. Cai consultation times, no other say a few words on the mention of money, but also a voracious. Star nursery Wang principal: every time we send a message to the parents, his second sentence is "you didn’t give me compensation"! We put forward to the nutrition and the spirit of condolence gold, one thousand yuan to him, but he would like us to pay $ten thousand, he is no basis for what. Wang said the principal, Mr. Cai to the park to compensate ten thousand yuan, but he did not have any basis, if Mr. Cai insisted that you can provide a legal basis or relevant basis. When the students are injured in school, what should the school pay? The lawyer said, the children were injured in school, really belongs to the responsibility of the school, parents can put forward in addition to medical expenses, additional compensation payments, lost income, mental damages, but the need to provide the relevant documents. The lawyer said: lawyer Wu Bin lost income, to provide proof of wages; nutrition fee, must have the doctor ‘s advice, to strengthen nutrition, mental damage compensation, to constitute a disability rating only. Foshan boy was injured in the nursery parents demanded ten thousand yuan payments相关的主题文章: