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Francis personally wrote congratulations to Yao Ming: Congratulations my brothers –   sports Sohu; Beijing time on September 10, 2016, this morning, "China the Great Wall" Yao Ming officially named the Naismith Basketball Hall of fame. Yao Ming in the Rockets teammates, he was affectionately known as brother Francis, also made a long article, congratulations to Yao Ming in the hall of fame. The full text is as follows: in 2002, it was Yao Ming who ruined my summer vacation. I never thanked the big man, and today I want to thank him. Our story, but also from Rudi – Tomjanovich, the Rockets had T coach. At that time, we all affectionately call him Rudi. In the year before the arrival of Yao Ming, the whole team is quagmire. Rockets fans must know that season, we only won 28 Games, is definitely out of the playoffs, Olajuwon era has been lopsided. I remember, when driving around in downtown Houston, huge rockets billboards everywhere, many billboards and my photo and name. Think about the plight of the team, I can only sigh of disappointment. In April of that year, the team started the holiday. I saw Rudi before the holidays, when he was in a bad mood. Coach T walked into the locker room to look at each one, and then he stared at me, Cuttino Mobley and Glen rice — was the core of the rocket. "Would you like to hear my advice?" Coach T said, "don’t worry about the holidays, go home and practice, think about how to play." Like I said, Rudi was in a bad mood at the time, but I thought he was right. However, as far as I am concerned, I would like to enjoy the holiday, because one season down, I am very tired. After a week, I got a call from Rudi, the boss of Alexander, general manager of Carol Dawson is online, they hope that I’ll return to Houston. "Well, man, my vacation is just beginning," I said. "What’s the matter?" "Call us when you get there," Rudi said as he hung up the phone. I’m not worried about my contract, but I still feel weird. Then I flew to Houston, and when I got to the office, I found that some of them were watching TV in front of the TV, and they just got back from the Chicago rookie camp. "You told me to come over to watch the game?" I’m a little bit upset. "Look at this guy," the boss said to me. This is the first time I’ve seen him play, I saw Yao Ming for the first time. Actually, I’ve heard people say that a big Chinese man was very good, but nobody knew him at that time. Overseas players are always overrated, can really play out a few. Over the years, I have seen a lot of video game, video game gave me the feeling is: 1 really boring; 2 look at the video game, it is difficult to judge a player; 3 I hit a lifetime of the ball, not the young players can make my eyes bright. But Yao is just like this.相关的主题文章: