Fujian more than three artists to show the inheritance of modern Chinese art and design evolution thinkpad s230u

Fujian more than three generations of artists show China modern art and design evolution – Beijing Beijing in September 12 Xiamen Xinhua (reporter Yang Fushan) "inheritance strength — Ma Xinbo 12 teachers and students Exhibition" the curtain in Xiamen, more than 100 works on display in Fujian province 17 artists, including sculpture, oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy and other types, the distinct sense of the times and the geo cultural characteristics, so that visitors’ eyes. Professor Ma Xinbo (right 2) exhibit the guide Yang Fushan photo exhibition curator, art director of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, BOCOG Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts professor Zhao Meng said that the image of the landscape, the exhibition, exhibition of Fuzhou University Xiamen technology Academy of Fine Arts (formerly Fujian art school) MA Xinbo professor and his disciples ten since the last century since 80s the teachers and students, the academic and artistic achievement, "heritage of three generations together with a space orderly, show progressive concentrated and evolution of modern art and design Chinese", it is the value of this exhibition. Professor Ma Xinbo taught at the Fuzhou University in Xiamen Academy of Fine Arts, a disciple of the earliest in France to Bauhaus modern design education initiated by the famous art educator Mr. Zheng Ke. In the past forty years, Professor Ma Xinbo in art education and creative practice, has been practicing education thought and the idea of Mr. Zheng, and will continue their teaching and learning experiences together which formed their own style of art and artistic ideas. "The horse teacher teaching, through his carving, every student seems to be his independent personality and life art." Fujian Sculpture Association Fu Xinmin as the evaluation of the teacher road Ma xinbo. He said, Ma Xinbo and his disciples to the different ages, creation characteristics of each one has its own merits. However, his meticulous and rigorous style of writing and realistic attitude, for his students to inherit, but also in the new generation of a new era. The exhibition scene Yang Fushan photo organizer said Ma Xinbo past and train a number of representative and influential artists and designers, their works and creative practice reflects the development of the contemporary social and cultural thinking positive response. As the horse’s favourite pupil, Xinbo famous contemporary artist Chen Wenling, always adhere to the art form of the depth of exploration, the sculpture language form a scene full of life and vitality, and active in the domestic and international exhibitions in the stage. Co sponsored the exhibition by the Xiamen City Museum of art, Fuzhou University, Xiamen Academy of Fine Arts of Xiamen Artists Association, Xiamen Zhang Xiaohan Art Research Association, to face the present situation of China art education, more contemporary topics of academic responses and beyond case study considerations and enlightenment. The exhibition exhibition design and visual design of novel form, way of segmentation by simple modern space, different materials, different forms of art works in large space, demonstrates not only have their own characteristics and values, but also reflects the harmony of complementary. (end)相关的主题文章: