GF fund Jingmin Qiu looking for a high degree of prosperity and the underlying performance of uncert pullip

GF fund Jingmin Qiu: looking for a high degree of prosperity and the performance of uncertainty underlying Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Securities Times reporter Fang Li as one thousand people in the eyes of the one thousand Hamlett, the value of the investment to do one thousand people have also defined in the one thousand. In the view of Guangdong Development Strategy of mixed fund manager Qiu Jingmin, the valuation level is not constant, different market environment and different industrial stages, growth and value are alternately forward, wheeled cycle, investment is key when should the situation change. Looking forward to the year A shares, Qiu Jingmin said, the market formed a "on the top and bottom under the concussion in a period of time, the high degree of economy and industry to determine the growth performance of the enterprise will get more popular. In the supply side of the reform theme, the coal industry will become one of the largest performance elasticity of the industry. The market sought to determine the growth performance of the bull market often, investors optimistic attitude, pay more attention to the development prospect of the enterprise; the bear market, investors more cautious attitude, more disappointed about the outlook, determined to pay more attention to the performance." Qiu Jingmin said that the market tends to verify this pattern, this year is no exception. Qiu Jingmin believes that this year the macro economic situation from the two angles of anxiety "and" foreign aggression "to sum up. The so-called internal problems, is the decline in economic growth, weak economic L, the RMB exchange rate fluctuations caused by foreign reserves decline, and inflation expectations and reform the supply side in some industries with surplus production (El Nino superposition pig cycle contradiction). Foreign aggression refers to the dollar rate hike repeatedly changes, European terrorist attack, a British exit event. "The market sentiment from the point of view, through market volatility over the past year, investors battered. Many had expected high growth of high valuation companies did not fulfill the expected results. Therefore, the market for the performance of the growth of enterprises is more sought after." Qiu Jingmin said that market performance has also verified this point. Good performance in the first half of this year, food and beverage, home appliances, new energy and other sectors, have a common feature: that is, with performance data, sustainable tracking and observation, and data performance is better. Qiu Jingmin further said that the electronics industry is also a representative of an industry, represented by the semiconductor industry by the national policy support, the market is expected to be higher, the share price was outstanding. In addition, gold represented by the revaluation of assets sector rose contrarian, reflects the current global monetary flood, Europe and Japan entered the era of negative interest rates, reflecting the market for real value hedging and capital risk aversion. The high mining industry boom and the steady growth of business outlook during the market, Qiu Jingmin believes that the macro aspects need to focus on three factors: the dollar interest rate fluctuations of RMB exchange rate and domestic policy direction. First of all, to raise interest rates in the U.S., the Fed has been good at managing expectations, the U.S. interest rate hike, which lasted more than a year, so far only an interest rate increase, the subsequent progress still needs attention, especially in the UK from Europe, the outlook for economic growth variables increase. theory相关的主题文章: