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"Guangdong province food safety regulations" implemented in September — the rule of Law — original title: "Guangdong province food safety regulations" implemented in September to the old legal drink soup in August 26th, the Guangdong provincial food and Drug Administration held a news briefing, informed of the latest revision of the "Guangdong province food safety Regulations" propaganda and implementation. The regulations in May 25th this year, the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress passed the twenty-sixth meeting, will be implemented as of September 1st. The revised "Regulations" in many aspects of the perfect food safety whistle man system of local legislation and other practices are for domestic initiative, will have a profound impact on the food safety supervision and public life. Give the consumer media and other parties to the third party governance authority participation and supervision department work assessment of provincial food and drug administration policy and regulation department deputy director Miu Zhibin introduced in the briefing, in order to fully mobilize social forces, the formation of social governance efforts, the newly revised "Regulations" in the "social governance" was further refined. Such as the "Regulations" to the consumer associations and other consumer organizations, as well as the food industry associations to participate in the management of food safety authority. The "Regulations" requirements, consumer associations and other consumer organizations shall protect consumers in food security and the legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law, the food industry association shall organize the establishment of industry standards, the integrity of the construction industry, strengthen self-discipline management, guidance, norms and urge the members of production and operation in accordance with the law. At the same time, the "Regulations" to clear the news media to carry out food safety knowledge publicity obligations, requests the news media should strengthen the food safety laws, regulations and public awareness of food safety standards and knowledge, public opinion on food safety. In addition, the regulations also encourage volunteers to assist or participate in the organization of food safety publicity and education, social supervision and other work to mobilize the mobilization of forces, the formation of social forces and regulatory forces together. In the regulatory assessment, the "Regulations" also introduced third party assessment work requirements, the organization of professional organizations, social organizations and the public participation in the supervision of food safety evaluation, assessment, supervision departments to further increase the assessment efforts, increase the transparency of the process of objectivity evaluation and examination results. The first domestic enterprise "whistle" system for citizens and organizations to report and provide an institutional guarantee of the "Regulations" introduced the internal whistle human system, encourage internal informants to report their units, and give special incentives, to create China’s food safety whistle system of local legislative precedent. Through food production and operation of the internal staff to provide clues to help further increase food safety supervision, deter food safety violations, the formation of an effective social supervision atmosphere. "Regulations" also provides that any organization or individual has the right to report violations of food production and management. For the verification report, the food and drug administration departments and other relevant departments of the people’s governments at or above the county level shall give awards to the informants and keep confidential the identity information of the informants. Miu Zhibin said that this provision for citizens and organizations to report violations of food safety相关的主题文章: