Guangzhou expert there are 5 symptoms to pay attention to may be prostate cancer (video)

Guangzhou expert: the 5 symptoms that may be early prostate cancer can choose a variety of surgical treatment, ten year survival rate of up to 80%~90%, even can cure cancer center medical director of Zhongshan University oncology chief physician professor Shi Yanxia, deputy director of Urology physician professor Li Yonghong "prostate cancer and STD related?" Hypertrophy of the prostate can develop prostate cancer?" Prostate cancer, a lot of Chinese men’s awareness is still in the "Kindergarten" stage, but prostate cancer has unwittingly become the world’s second common men, the incidence of lung cancer. Over the past ten years, the incidence of prostate cancer in China has increased significantly, while facing the dilemma of prevention and treatment: the early diagnosis rate is low, most of the patients found in the late. In fact, the effect of early treatment of prostate cancer is very good, many foreign patients can survive for a long time. Experts advise that prostate cancer is the key to early diagnosis, 50 years of age or older men the best annual physical examination. The Guangzhou Daily reporter Li Heng, Li Jin 70% prostate cancer patients with advanced tumor prevention and treatment center of Zhongshan University is chief physician professor Shi Yanxia said: "prostate cancer is a" rich man’s disease "to a certain extent, the higher incidence in developed countries. In the United States, the incidence of prostate cancer accounted for 27% of men’s overall malignant tumors, second only to lung cancer in the top second, but because of the slow progress of prostate cancer, so the mortality rate is not too high." Shi Yanxia pointed out that the incidence of prostate cancer in China is low, and this is related to the popularity of the examination, in the western countries, the prostate is a routine examination of the physical examination, inspection, and more cases found naturally. But in China, the prostate is not a routine physical examination project." It is understood that the incidence of prostate cancer in Guangzhou is currently about 10 to ten percent of the total, Beijing is the most extreme of the 19, Shanghai is higher, to about 10 of about 30 to about 10. "But it is worth noting that the prostate cancer patients found in China are more localized or metastatic prostate cancer, the proportion of up to 70%. While patients in western countries for medical treatment early, metastatic prostate cancer proportion of not more than 5%." Deputy director of Urology cancer center of Zhongshan University medical professor Li Yonghong introduced in China, the incidence of prostate cancer has increased significantly, from 10 in 2000 at 4.8, 2011 to 18.69 per 10, increased more than 3 times. The incidence increased, but the proportion of patients with early detection also increased. "The Zhongshan University cancer prevention and control center, for example, in 2003, when I was working in urology, Cory received only one month of 3~5 prostate cancer patients, 80% are already late. Now there are more than and 30 patients discharged a month, the proportion of patients with early prostate cancer rose to about 40%, the amount of surgery has also increased significantly." Early diagnosis is the key to the annual examination over the age of 50 Shi Yanxia said that China in recent years, the incidence of prostate cancer in a linear upward trend, there are many factors related to, such as the aging of the population, because prostate cancer is more common in older men. In addition, diet, living habits, environmental pollution is also induced factors. Timely diagnosis of prostate cancer is particularly critical相关的主题文章: