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Hairline level had great difference in the Qing Dynasty Mido, save all by their Sohu have to say beauty brands are very humane, always can poke in the girl heart! The beauty of the country especially in South Korea, how will miss any one can let oneself more perfect eating step? Why would suddenly mentioned this, originated in a small series of friends, she often shouted at his head, is the Qing Dynasty, the Han girls admire the beauty of forehead, full forehead hairline, and just as well, in order to make the complete victory group to comfort her determination to sort out some of the beauty can be a big help goods, (laughs) way to one of the troubled beauties benefit! Most of the people for the good hair definition is perfect or not, the forehead and temples arc basically no gap and blank, the hair edge only some soft hair, natural look by age! Look at the next small series do actress hairline level comparison, feeling that they did the whole Creator! (first to say, this is a hypothetical PS photos, fans do not gas ~) hair line than the height of the impact of the big, because it will directly affect the facial features and face length! See yourself in the mirror before the halo, do not forget to secretly "fine tune" look at it, so that more distinctive facial features, modified face, the whole temperament will be different! To see what hair beauty products can save the Qing people! [class] The face shop natural air cushion is the bulk of the opaque powder air cushion, as long as pat in the desire to hide color root position, hairline can do a natural modification! Good color and not easily sticky, waterproof powder can maintain long-term. The composition also add Polygonum multiflorum, black beans, and other ingredients, can make people? Hair more robust, also absorb excess sebum without undue thick stuffy feeling. Too obvious hair line, pat modified will not be so obvious "bare" feeling! APIEU hairline shadow pen #1, #2, air #3 0.9g, won 5000 area air cushion suitable for a wide range of modification, especially suitable for beginners to use a pen, or fill the gap, modification of small details, dizzy dye is also very natural sponge, the price is cheap amazing, especially the stockpile ah ~ Xiaobian think the air Paris landmax recently lip gloss and eye shadow launched, especially with a brown eye shadow, if some home can also try to gently fill small gaps are easy, there are a total of three practical color, very natural! In addition to a pen shape, they also have the air cushion type, it is so easy for a loo loo! [Innisfree] Don’t Worry Hair powder Concealer powder 4G covering the hairline, 9000 won in the baking powder Duman has done Innisfree, Xiao Bian before buying a super oil powder has a good impression, so interested in this product! Although in South Korea in 2013 launched, but Taiwan has not yet introduced ah ~ it seems that the girls have not sent Taiwan line awareness XD launched two相关的主题文章: