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Hangzhou: transition to make every employee satisfaction – energy – people.com.cn 3 million 30 thousand tons! Zhejiang Province recently came the good news, "13th Five-Year," the province’s Yajian steel production capacity plan had been completed. Among them, steel production capacity of Hangzhou Iron and steel iron and steel base successfully shut down the mid Yajian accounted for 49.5% of the plan of Zhejiang province yajian. On the morning of December 23, 2015 in Hangzhou, have light rain, Yu Yang as students in the past 24 years, every working day in No. 2 blast furnace of blast furnace hot metal workshop before watching the Hangzhou Iron rushes out along the ditch. But unlike previous steel steam dancing, lively, this release is the residual iron, this iron scene is the last time. He and his colleagues stood together took the last photo of the work, someone secretly wiped tears. Hangzhou Iron and steel base burning mid overall safety shut down for nearly 60 years, completed two years ahead of schedule. A month later, 12 thousand of the resettlement procedures for the resettlement of all completed. Just a few months behind successfully shut down is Hangzhou insist on 10 years of transformation of the road. On the one hand to strengthen the innovation of technology and management, to do fine iron and steel industry, on the other hand, slowly stronger non steel industry, iron and steel out of a diversified development. From the beginning of 2005, non steel industry profits even more than the Hangzhou Iron and steel industry, structural transformation strategy continued to show the effectiveness of. 12 resettlement channels, so that each employee has the right to choose more than one in mid steel base personnel shunt placement of 150 days, no one to the Provincial Government Petition together to the group of malignant visit downtown, there is no safety accident. Enterprises and employees have long been the fate of the community." Three generations of a family are people said Wang Yali hangzhou. Spacious workshop, advanced equipment, rich income, good benefits, every people have to feel proud of hangzhou. For decades, the "ten Frank" is Zhejiang’s economic construction and social development has made important contributions, mid steel base annual production capacity of 4 million tons, the factory has cumulative production of 49 million 30 thousand tons of iron, steel 62 million 650 thousand tons, 61 million 360 thousand tons of steel, with nearly 30 thousand in-service and retired personnel, associated personnel up to 100 thousand people. However, the transition is accelerating the arrival of the era. The domestic steel overcapacity problems become more and more serious, environmental standards gradually improved, and the price of serious upside down, steel enterprises struggling to survive. In 2015, the upgrade from Hangzhou city layout adjustment and industrial restructuring of Zhejiang provincial government, the situation in the end make the ruling, Hangzhou Iron and steel base decision mid shut down. Personnel diversion placement can be said to be the most prominent problem of shutting down the work. "This year we have also heard the factory shut down the news, but really to this day still feel difficult to give up." Like Wang Yali, many people began to have experienced Hangzhou anxiety and worry. The personnel placement is more like an impossible task at first. The first half of the time in the mid levels explicitly shutting down the steel base, new situations and new problems are emerging: mind moving, internal rumors of four; the enterprise personnel complex, land requisition)相关的主题文章: