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Hefei site to install access control on the "muck car body curse" is not clean and release the network according to the Hefei evening news in order to prevent the muck truck spilled drip, mud attachingwheel problems, flushing urban management department for vehicle site, but a few muck owners "money impatient", there are still "a fish escaped through the seine". In October 31st, a reporter from the New Station District Urban Management Bureau, the Bureau for waste management, a new installation — an access control at the site, to a muck car fixed body curse ", do not accept flushing and check release. Currently there are a total of 14 new sites excavated site, the end of the year will complete the installation of access control. This initiative is still in the city. The New Station District Urban Management Bureau law enforcement brigade captain Chen Zheng introduction, sediment transport management has been a long-standing problem of city management, in order to solve these problems, the urban management department has arranged for staff posts on the site, set the washing equipment, installation of monitoring system, equipped with mobile patrols, but still occur from time to time the pollution problem. "We found the problem mainly occur in a small number of vehicles entering and leaving the site, in order to reduce washing time and fuel, not completely clean the cause." Chen Zheng said, access control by the urban management personnel on duty, all muck cars must accept the cleaning in the site, and through the examination, in order to transport out of the muck. All the wheels, body and baffle not muck rinse, and not cover issues such as curtain hanging plate, personnel on duty will be no release.相关的主题文章: