Hisense TV 55 inch gold lead star machine size exclusive four seats — the highest price of h t6670

Hisense TV 55 inch gold lead star machine size   exclusive four seats — the highest price of home appliances — 47 weeks people.com.cn Xinyikang data show that by eleven double effects of forty-sixth weeks, the overall decline in the trend of the TV industry for 47 weeks. But in Chongqing, Changsha a "love playing" of the city, compared with the television purchase demand is still strong growth, and mainly concentrated in 55 inches and above large screen models. 55 inches in the overall market, the best-selling TOP15, Hisense exclusive 4. Echoes with Hisense’s high-end strategy is that Hisense LED55MU7000U into the list of the only unit price of more than 6000 high-end models, the price level beyond the list of other brands, including Samsung tv. From the market data also can be seen in more than 55 inch gold size 60 inch TV, more rapid growth, the large size of the TV more obvious. TV as the main entrance of the living room media, the speed of the hardware iteration is bound to follow the development of the big screen economy into a parabolic acceleration. The process of the early trend from the TV screen is only appearance, module chip, image processing and intelligent interaction and other high-end configuration will also enter the acceleration channel. Independent research and development of technology can not only grasp the cost of technology, but also for the brand to bring the industry the right to speak. Hisense as a technology driven enterprise, always adhere to the core technology of independent research and development in the display technology, but also has been the market reaction. This week Hisense with 15.8% in retail sales share again first crown Shou beating success, the market has not changed for 13 years. Note: This article belongs to people.com.cn published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only. (commissioning editor Zhao Shuang and Zhuang Hongtao)相关的主题文章: