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Holland highest award was awarded to building an underground parking lot from 2006 onwards by the Royal Institute of architects in Holland (the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects, referred to as BNA) held a "annual architecture award every year" (Building of, the Year) is one of the most popular award of the Holland construction industry. A total of 125 works of 8 finalists for this year, the total runoff design including "The Couch" The Racquet Club Hotel, McDonald’s stores in Amsterdam, a well-known firm MVRDV we reported before also among them. May be beyond your expectations, the final award is an underground parking lot. The parking lot is located in the small town of Katwijk in Holland, part of the city’s flood control project. Holland is one of the world’s most affected by rising sea levels. Analysis of Climate Central in 2014 showed that 47% of the population in Holland live at the end of this century will be submerged, and close to Beihai, is located in the old the Rhine along the mouth of the Katwijk, the government of Holland was listed as one of the 10 areas of flood control system in the weak. Katwijk is already two defense system: the first is the coastal dunes, for flooding in another buffer; is a barrier near the city. However, the region still has more than 3 thousand people living in the dunes of flood control ability is weak. In addition, the sea is not held at the fishing festival, fairs and parades and other activities often attract large numbers of tourists, the existing parking spaces can not meet the demand. Tencent Hunan Network home channel official WeChat group, Hunan will be installed when invited to discuss the decoration of the majority of users in Hunan. You want free porn? Do you want a free design? Can the daily exclusive countless decoration case and ultra low discount stores! Pay attention to small micro signal (not QQ oh): "245518487" postscript "I want into the group can be invited to add group, do not hurry!相关的主题文章: