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Home appliance giants by differentiated to compete for the high-end market — white appliances — people.com.cn original title: home appliance giants by differentiated competing high white market and in the past every "eleven" holiday price war is different, this year "eleven", differentiation, new technology has become the new competition in the direction of white enterprise. The overall situation in the home appliance industry is not optimistic, a new round of under the background of consumer upgrades, high-end market has become white giants a hotly contested spot. The high-end intelligent new trend of "golden nine silver ten" on the occasion, home appliance companies have released new products to attract consumers. In September 12th, Samsung announced to join the United States, washing and drying machine and ultra large capacity washing machine two new "safe Tim" series of washing machine, can realize the intelligent half-way Tim clothes; LG teamed up with Suning, launched the world’s first dual engine to subvert the industry classification of synchronous washing machine and steam washing machine; BOSCH appliances launched oxygen sterilization washing machine, ozone sterilization close to protect consumer health. The white giant has not been idle, the United States, Haier has launched a smart refrigerator, even the traditional black enterprise TCL also prove safety high-end white market, released without pollution type drum washing machine, cross four door air-cooled double inverter refrigerator and other products. Unlike in previous years, the National Day holiday manufacturers rely on low price promotions, white this year, more and more enterprises in the technical aspects of the lively, the product features in the new, and positioning high-end market. Beijing PRC, Market Research Company Limited recently according to the retail monitoring data released the 2016 National Day White electricity consumption forecast. Data show that the proportion of high-end market to buy crowd retail sales are rising. Is expected in 2016 "eleven" air conditioning in the high-end market consumption the proportion of the total consumption of 20.2%, retail sales contribution ratio will reach 31.5%; 5000 yuan more than expected in the high-end refrigerators accounted for 29.1% of the proportion of the overall consumer purchase crowd, retail sales contribution ratio will reach 54.4%. Industrial transformation and upgrading in the past two years, due to household appliances to the countryside, energy subsidies and other policies to reduce, coupled with the downturn in the real estate market, air-conditioning, refrigerators and other white market has been in a state of depression. Since this year, even once the washing machine market thriving began to decline, entered a period of adjustment. The State Information Center released the day before the data show that in 2016 1~7 months, the city focus on domestic sales of washing machine 13 million 250 thousand units, and five rural market sales of 5 million 500 thousand units, a total of 18 million 750 thousand taiwan. Compared with the same period last year, sales fell 6.1%, sales fell by 6.91%. "This downturn are rare in the past, reduced demand, enterprises can only start from the price increase to expand sales, transformation of high-end home appliance enterprises become a breakthrough point of the entire appliance market downturn." The white division responsible person said wei. In addition, Wei believes that the appliance of competition between enterprises also contributed to the transformation of high-end. The past two years, the scale of the drive to become a household electrical appliance enterprises strategy, in order to compete for market share, the price war between home appliance enterprises. "The home appliance industry itself is a small industry, a lot of low-end products has dropped out of the cost price, corporate profits are a problem, only)相关的主题文章: