How can not by the Buddha ravbin

How can not by how the Buddha Buddha can not by the people ask: my da mage a day to read ten thousand Buddha, but feel more tired after reading. I have been quietly chanting, very light, but a few hours read down, feeling very bad. I think if one Buddha, such as a day or ten days a Buddha, my strength is certainly not enough. Excuse me, how can not by the Buddha, and more read more joy. This is your idea. How do you think of the Buddha will be bad? Be sure to change the idea. Not a bit of buddha. Not only gas, and Qi, filling vigour, energy supplement. Because this name is a big field, with no amount of light! The more you read, the more energy is, on the face can shine, in good out of a bandbox. Here we have ten days a Buddha, you look down to read, read out, pink. No read, oh tired, my strength are not read. Go all the way. There is no such person. So, practice. Buddha energy, excitation energy, energy development. Human potential is unlimited. Can the gold key development field of us. That’s the right knowledge. The more you read, the less you know. The more you read, the more you feel tired. If you change your mind, you will become more and more energetic. So, you don’t always want to, oh my Buddha my strength is certainly not enough, you think about it, you really is not enough. All law is made by thought. If you feel like you are going to read one hundred and fifty thousand a day, my strength will be enough. So, you want to experience the mystery of nature.相关的主题文章: