How to buy new Russian submarine effect on the South China Sea Strategy Sea Power

How to buy new Russian submarine effect on the South China Sea Strategy: Sea Limited picture: Vietnam received from the Russian kilo class submarine ceremony held in the bay of     Reference News Network reported on February 24th the Japanese foreign scholars website published in February 16th entitled "how will the new submarine influence of Vietnam in the South China Sea strategy? "The article, the author for the Royal Australian Navy officials Ruan Nan, compiled as follows: at the beginning of February, the Vietnamese people’s Army Navy purchased fifth kilo class submarines arrived in the bay. According to media reports, the Russian submarine made last December 16th aboard a cargo ship set sail, and in February 2nd this year arrived at night. Are now equipped with 4 Vietnamese sailors on a per kilo Vietnam Navy type 636 submarine. They get Russian advisors. Because of Vietnam’s relations with Russia has been strengthened, including a purpose built submarine support facility agreement, in order to purchase 6 conventional submarines to the Vietnamese navy. However, these new platforms will have much impact on the balance of security in Southeast Asia, it remains to be seen. Although Vietnam is scheduled to receive its submarines, but Hanoi recently deployed the first fully operational kilo class submarines. At the same time, the new class submarines to Vietnam in the South China Sea naval operations and maritime law enforcement action what effect, it is not clear. Even if there is a submarine acts as a deterrent, the Vietnamese military planners still need to consider some important capability gaps. In addition, as the history of that, in the field of amphibious military operations, the ability to initially increased after more troops to consolidate the victory is very important. If lessons learned from past skirmishes in Hanoi with the disputed territories of the South China Sea China occurred, it will do better. Of course, this does not mean that Hanoi need to adopt Chinese as strategy. The rapid modernization of the country, should consider at least some ability to achieve limited naval control. Some analysts have said that the implementation of maritime control during the conflict to submarine platform. Although the surface combatants are vulnerable to submarines and long-range missile attack, but a large number of surface ship is an important part of this military planning etc.. Although the kilo class submarine delivery seems to work in an orderly manner, but these new submarines play a full operational capability also need a few years time. The Vietnamese Navy, serving in the army in Vietnam some Russian military equipment is the light of hope. If Vietnam can enhance its intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, in order to provide regional perception and target data better for conventional attack, the new submarine will get better support. The UAV to HS-6L investment, also helps to obtain better tactical intelligence. Is committed to expanding satellite coverage to Vietnam to strengthen in the regional awareness of the South China sea. If the outbreak of the "hot" conflict, these new submarines will help provide an advantage in the ability of action and control limits in the sea. So far, the main purpose of the Vietnam modernization effort is to update the old equipment. If Hanoi is to gain a foothold in the South China Sea, Vietnam to please) 越南购俄新潜艇如何影响南海战略:制海权有限 资料图片:越南在金兰湾为从俄罗斯接收的基洛级潜艇举行升旗仪式       参考消息网2月24日报道 日本外交学者网站2月16日发表题为《新潜艇将如何影响越南的南海战略?》的文章,作者为澳大利亚皇家海军官员阮南,编译如下:   2月初,越南人民军海军采购的第5艘基洛级潜艇抵达金兰湾。据媒体报道,这艘俄罗斯造的潜艇去年12月16日搭乘一艘货船起航,并于今年2月2日夜间抵达。   现在在越南海军服役的每一艘基洛级636型潜艇都配有4名越南籍船员。他们得到了俄罗斯顾问的支持。由于越南同俄罗斯的关系得到加强,有关协议中包括一个为特定目的而建造的潜艇支持设施,以便为越南海军采购6艘常规潜艇。   然而,这些新平台将对东南亚的安全天平产生多少影响,这还有待观察。   虽 然越南正在按计划接收它的潜艇,但河内最近才部署了第一艘全面运作的基洛级潜艇。同时,新的基洛级潜艇将对越南在南海的海军行动和海上执法行动产生什么影 响,这还不清楚。即使有了一艘潜艇充当威慑,越南军事规划者依然需要考虑一些重要的能力空白。此外,正如历史揭示的那样,在两栖领域,于初步的军事行动后 增加更多军力以巩固胜利的能力是至关重要的。如果河内从过去就南海争议领土同中国发生的小冲突中吸取教训,它会做得更好。   当然,这并不意味 着河内需要采用中国那样的战略。对这个迅速现代化的国家来说,应该考虑至少取得一些能力,以实现有限度的海上控制权。一些分析家已经表示,潜艇等平台不足 以在冲突期间实现海上控制。虽然水面战斗人员容易受到潜艇和远程导弹的攻击,但大量水面舰船会是这一军事规划方面的一个重要部分。   虽然基洛 级潜艇的交付工作似乎在有序进行,但这些新潜艇发挥全面运作能力还需要几年时间。目前对越南海军来说,在越南军队中服役的一些俄制军事设备才是希望之光。 如果越南能增强它的情报、监视与侦察能力,以便为常规攻击提供更好的区域感知和目标数据,新潜艇将得到更好支持。对HS-6L无人机进行投资,也有助于获 得更好的战术情报。致力于扩大卫星覆盖范围则能越南加强在南海的区域感知能力。   如果爆发“热”冲突,这些新潜艇将有助于在 有限度的行动和海上控制中提供一种能力优势。迄今为止,越南现代化努力的主要目的是更新老旧设备。如果河内的目的是进一步在南海站稳脚跟,越南人要讨论的 不仅是基洛级潜艇能提供什么优势,而是何种军事资产能最好地服务于越南的目标。(编译 朱捷)相关的主题文章: