Hubei standard to support the quality of the construction and strive towards the world cashmere mafia

"Hubei standard" to support the quality of the construction and strive towards the world map: in the fifteenth Northeast Asia cooperation conference held in Songjiang City, Japan standard today, is the forty-seventh world standard day. Standard is the result of the progress of human civilization, but also the tools of human society. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the standardization work. In March 2015, the State Council issued the "deepening standardization reform program" (Guo Fa 2015 No. 13), for the first time in the form of documents of the State Council on standardization reform arrangements, to vigorously implement the strategy of standardization, standardization through deepening reform, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, accelerate the improvement of the standard system, advanced and effective and for effectively raising standards, play a leading role in boosting economic and social standard, innovation, harmony, green, open and shared development. In September 9th this year to 14, held in Beijing on the thirty-ninth session of the international organization for Standardization (ISO) meeting, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council made it clear that the standardization as the important technical foundation of the global governance system and the development of economic and trade cooperation, and the standard rose to the height of the national strategy, to actively promote. Lead the quality construction of strong base supporting standards have the whole world in view, economic globalization has the standard of the international trade rules pushed to the forefront of the international competition ability and standardization level directly determines the spread of new technology capability and new product market development ability, the decisive role of standard discourse right in the global industrial interest distribution pattern in the increasingly highlight the leading and ensuring the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure of the world cannot do without advanced standard. With the development of social economy, Chinese in the world trade pattern is experiencing from the "Chinese manufacturing" to "Chinese standard" role; in China enterprises "going out" process, "Chinese output standard" has become the highest pursuit. At present, Hubei into the comprehensive deepening reform and the construction of the "quality of the province" period, the implementation of a critical period of transformation and development under the new economic norm, in the central region of the first to build a well-off society in the extra period. "13th Five-Year" period, the provincial government put forward "development goals first, carry, upgrade, foundation", the core is to bigger amount, high demand, more quality is handsome, upgrade the efficiency. But as the cornerstone of quality standards, whether it is to improve the product quality and market competitiveness, promote the adjustment of economic structure and industrial transformation and upgrading, and improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system, promote the transformation of economic development mode, all cannot do without the standardization of guidance and support. Therefore, to achieve the above goals, the urgent need to connect through standardization and Unicom in Central China and the Yangtze River economic belt and other strategic opportunities, for the two international and domestic market, making good use of international and domestic two kinds of resources, let the standard to become Hubei quality "hard constraints", as to enhance the ability of social governance "support" become, regulate market order and change the mode of development, promote the economic benefits of the "baton", "Hubei standard" to create "Hubei brand", as in the central area of Hubei to build the well-off society new impetus. First efforts to build a platform to promote the Hubei standard to the world to further accelerate the pace of reform and standardization of standardization, and promote standardization of the province issued y相关的主题文章: