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I consulates chopper to save "the old man and the first doll withdrawal" rescued I consulates chopper rescue "old and New Zealand first doll withdrawal" burst after the earthquake, the local overseas Chinese as well as the safety of Chinese travel team, also touched the hearts of the people. Local time on the morning of 14, China in Christchurch consulate responded quickly, first sent a helicopter arrived in the town of Kaikoura, bring a lot of food. When the Consulate General of the staff to see the plane, the presence of Chinese people are particularly excited, like to see their families." Su told reporters that the helicopter seat is limited, only some people to evacuate. At this time, Sichuan college friends opinion is very unified, first arrange team of the elderly and the doll on the helicopter". Soon, the first batch of members flew to Christchurch, 185 kilometers away. Then, continue to guide the other individual, gather together has reached dozens of domestic tourists. Consulate General also increased the coordination of two or three helicopters, will be sent to Christchurch in batches. Under the plane, we saw there to greet the Chinese in Christchurch consulate general consul general Jin Zhijian, consul general understanding of the earthquake situation to everybody, and after a few days of the trip to. Away from the epicenter of the dangerous area, visitors to express gratitude to the consul general, a lot of people and Consul General photo, thanks to the motherland in a timely response to the crisis, to move to a safe place. Mr. Su said that life is really wonderful, he encountered two strong earthquake, and this time in a distant foreign land, the heart of the special feelings. He said, the most affected is the earthquake, local residents feel friendly and make me Chinese in Christchurch, Consulate General of awesome organization. There is such a group of people in Sichuan, was not familiar with, but after the earthquake, all spontaneous mutual aid and encouragement, in front of the disaster, we are like one family, this let my heart again by baptism".相关的主题文章: