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IBM combined with NVIDIA to develop the world’s fastest commercial deep learning system "- Sohu technology IBM and NVIDIA announced that it will cooperate in the development of IBM PowerAI, a system can accelerate the training of artificial intelligence, but also will enhance the IBM ability of Watson software tools. The IBM PowerAI, released on Monday, is a software tool for training artificial intelligence and machine learning systems. It is used by a IBM dedicated to the production of artificial intelligence server, and the use of NVIDIA NVLink technology, you can greatly improve the speed of computer learning. In the mail to the media release, IBM PowerAI was called the "commercial software" deep learning the fastest in the world, can help achieve faster computer training like human thinking and learning realm". IBM Power Systems LC server is the essential hardware foundation of this software tool, especially IBM Power S822LC High Performance Computing (HPC) server. Equipped with the most advanced GPU technology S822LC NVIDIA can be more effective to play the potential of PowerAI in depth learning and artificial intelligence applications. Although the PowerAI is mainly for the new artificial intelligence algorithms, such as deep learning, but it will also give IBM existing artificial intelligence projects – Watson, a great impact. With PowerAI, Watson will get more training and improve on existing capabilities. "PowerAI will promote deep learning and other advanced data analysis techniques. Scientists in the industry and academia can use this platform to promote their development process of artificial intelligence, IBM OpenPOWER manager Ken King wrote in an e-mail. "We are dedicated to the collaborative high performance computing server built by artificial intelligence, we believe that IBM is the design of artificial intelligence software companies to provide a platform for the best, whether it is intelligent chat robot to interact with customers, or for real-time analysis of social media software." Of course, if there are no examples of applications in the real world, performance does not make any sense. IBM also cited in the mail of the software provided by the depth of learning technology in the reality of some applications, such as bank fraud recognition, facial recognition, and automatic driving car. In addition, IBM Watson has been used in medical, legal, financial, retail, network security and other industries. The IBM PowerAI is also possible to enter these industries. Moreover, this message also mentioned that there are IBM Power S822LC high-performance computing server IBM customers can use free IBM PowerAI. Editor: Chen Xiangyu reference: recruitment editor, visual design, interns相关的主题文章: