In November, we met in Seoul minmi

In November, we met in Seoul, Hello, I am meng! South Korea as a free man, South Korea seems to have become my second home. You have to ask the best season I went to Korea, I will answer [autumn]?? especially in Seoul in autumn, autumn leaves falling, drifting, holding a cup of coffee in a random walk and high streets and back lanes like in Korean. Of course, Seoul is also the dream of shopping we girls, fashion items, a superb collection of beautiful things sophisticated beauty products and international brands, can be in the city of Seoul are looking to. So, with a heart of autumn and the desire to purchase, pieced together three days holiday, starting to Seoul! What do you want to know about the three day holiday in Seoul? Not a shopping spree tour, but enjoy shopping two not mistake?? mystery in the long?) micro-blog didn’t add background music in the link sent to Meng HA can while listening to music while watching my Dancing King Raiders Oh [about] is a big big Meng Meng has just graduated from the company a small staff, although the holiday is not much, but also want to go to South Korea to play together. High affinity with South Korea in the Meng after-graduation trip, after South Korea brigade Office of the Bureau of Shenyang named the South Korea free Master 14.15.16 three years, bilateral friendly little angels, Seoul friends etc.. Say so much, just want to express my love for South Korea, and if you have a variety of questions about the Korean travel, you can ask me questions in the comments! I will try my best to reply to everyone ~ ~ I want to see the last long winded photos of friends have to see my journey to Seoul impulse, friends have the courage of immediate departure. May your trip are big Meng smooth, meet the people are friendly, the taste of the dishes are delicious, watch the scene magnificent, broaden the horizons of growth in the journey, not the same self discovery. [preparation for departure] visa 1 can go to the Embassy in korea. This generally requires two months ahead of schedule, a single visa category in the short-term visa (stay within days) for the u.s.. 2 travel agent or Taobao. Here Meng students recommend looking for universal Taobao behalf of the sign, because I had consulted a local travel agency, South Korea a single travel visa costs 900 yuan and a deposit of $80 thousand. Air tickets in principle is the sooner to buy cheaper, but if you catch up with the airline to do activities, it will be cheaper. General round-trip flights from Changchun to Seoul (including tax) about 2800 yuan. Wi-Fi rent free for passengers, the Internet can whenever and wherever possible is very important, because both the query map and translation (of course, I also need to brush micro-blog, hee hee) are connected to the internet. So, be sure to hire EGG. The general cost is 40 yuan a day. This is to say that!! In the Xinluo duty-free shop can get $[Xinluo enjoy package] which contains WiFi on free volume ~ ~ super good, go to Xinluo shopping buddy don’t forget to receive oh. Meng Meng took activities interface for everyone to share, you can download to print, Xinluo duty-free can produce. (Xinluo store store and free Wi-Fi oh) for money are Meng Meng相关的主题文章: