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Incubator closures coming: too many entrepreneurs do not have enough Shenzhen Nanshan, a incubator organized activities. The opening event, there are a few entrepreneurs to join, but had to give in for lunch and other conditions please nearby workers to make up the scene. This is a true case of Qiao Huijun. There are a lot of incubators do not go on." He told reporters, Chinese youth youth online. Qiao Huijun is the founder of Hong Thai fund’s Hong Taij factory made, is also feeling the incubator development tide in experienced explosive growth, some incubator may fall into closures. "Referred to the 2016 Chinese innovation report", since 1987 Chinese first business incubator, as of the end of 2015, there are Chinese technology business incubator 2530, national report of the public record list space 2345, two a total of 4875, has become the largest number of incubators of global state. One side is the institutions enthusiasm: Real Estate Company, media, companies, universities and government have built the incubator, the other side is coming from the voices of doubt: incubator too much, entrepreneurs are not used; the whole street is the incubator look the same; and no ability to help business incubator the development of…… At the beginning of this year, two incubators Shenzhen library, the peacock agency has failed, also remind people, do not have the resources and ability of the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, "diamond", incubator incubator "not embrace porcelain job". The incubator Qiao Huijun saw as like as two peas in some places, the whole street is the incubator, he has seen dozens of floors are incubator photos. Zhang Jinli, vice president of entrepreneurial commune also felt the wind changes, some of the side of the incubator facing difficulties in survival, incubator industry is also faced with the elimination of backward production capacity and structural upgrading". Guangdong Foshan yingnuo innovation space operations director Luo Yu believes that the "incubator day rental space based solely on the not so good, but there are certain basic industry incubator and demand." Qiao Huijun said that venture capital activities are an important part of the incubator, but more than half of the chicken soup category, these activities when the first time we have a fresh feeling, a long time on the loss of attractiveness. Besides entrepreneurs can not be busy every day to participate in activities, they have to do their own thing!" China’s first business incubator was born in 1987 – Wuhan East Lake new technology entrepreneurship center, and later the more famous students studying abroad Haidian venture park. At that time, although fewer incubators, but hatched a number of well-known enterprises. Since 2014, the we work joint office as the prototype, Chinese appeared garage coffee, innovation incubator factory, firewood record passenger space of different types. In Qiao Huijun view, some people engaged in commercial real estate origin has advantages in this regard, such as the Daqing office to create a custom factory, SOHO 3Q. But Pandanyi admitted that the existence of excess real estate market, the stock is a good way to share space. In addition, there are still some people through the government or other channels to get to operate the incubator, but its high operating costs, less resources, ""相关的主题文章: