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James JR articles canvassing for Hilary: she is holding the brightest future James Phoenix sports news Beijing time on November 7th, the 2016 U.S. presidential election is coming, today the knight star Lebron and teammate JR joined the Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton’s campaign. And on the 11 day of this month, they will also visit the White House together with the team. According to the current situation, Hilary’s support rate in Ohio is better than her rival Donald Trump, and Lebron Clif, as everyone knows, is to influence in the entire state of Ohio, so he is very important for the Hilary platform. Lebron had repeatedly told the media that his support for Hilary, the main reason is that she is very concerned about the growth of young children this piece, and this is a great resonance for the. Lebron usually enthusiastic about public welfare, he has established a charitable foundation, especially in the treatment of young children, he paid a lot. For example, to help poor children go to college, as well as the annual cycling activities, reflects his concern for the community, for the next generation. In today’s event, Lebron to introduce Hilary said: "the lady with the world the most bright future." Hilary is for Lebron to return to the same shine with happiness, praise, said he was on the sidelines of the pay great attention to each child, put all the children as their own.相关的主题文章: