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Jay Chou plans to fight the boy of the 3 methods can achieve maternal Sohu according to Hongkong media reports, held a press conference in Hongkong yesterday in Tsim Sha Tsui, Jay Chou, asked whether you want to regenerate baby? Jay Chou responded, the plan is next year, you can give birth to a boy, a good word". He also admits: "I like the fun, because I do not have brothers and sisters, so I hope to have a team or group of bands." The probability of the birth of boys and girls were about 50%, there is no way to make Jielun’s plan to achieve it? In the day of ovulation sex male high probability in ovulation is generally recognized as real credibility method is relatively high and high male students safety. This is because the Y sperm than to survive in an alkaline environment, while women in early ovulation easily arouse libido and produce the real climax, when the female orgasm, cervical secretion of alkaline secretion, indirect help prolong the life of sperm Y. However, because the sperm survival time was 3 ~ 7 days, if the 1 ~ 2 days before ovulation or after ovulation sex intercourse, the short-lived Y army has killed sperm, sperm swims slower X will have the opportunity to fertilise the egg, so avoid ovulation day sexual intercourse, with high probability daughter, and in the day of ovulation sex, male students with high probability. However, the fertility of sperm is 48 ~ 72 hours, and the fertilization ability of eggs was only 12 ~ 24 hours, more than 12 to 24 hours after ovulation, the prime time, began to lose the fertilization capability of aging eggs, this probability is very low sex conception. If ovulation is too far real (in the 3 days before ovulation or after ovulation is no more than 1 days) the effect of pregnancy. So it’s important to note that couples who want to have a man or a woman have to give priority to the ability to conceive before attempting any method. If you have a child, but also want to reproduce a child, the couple’s ability to conceive is usually no problem. But if it is not pregnant couples, considering the birth of boys and girls, you must first remove the problem of infertility, adjust the state of life, and to create a good physical conception, so that their successful pregnancy, it is imperative. How to find out the ovulation cycle of women on average 28 to 30 days, from the first day of menstruation, in the fourteenth day is the day of ovulation. However, this is the average value, if you want to more clearly calculate the ovulation date, the measurement of basal body temperature, the use of ovulation test paper or vaginal ultrasound, you can calculate the ovulation day. Point is called basal body temperature, which refers to the body temperature of a woman’s complete rest. Therefore, to measure the body temperature, the morning after the most accurate measurement. The change of basal body temperature will be affected due to the secretion of hormone, ovarian follicles in the growth process of the female hormone estrogen can inhibit the formation of temperature rise and low temperature period, when after ovulation, the follicular secretion of progesterone will cause temperature rise and the formation of high temperature period. Therefore, in theory, ovulation is like a low temperature and high temperature period of demarcation point. Adjust the body pH you probably heard the saying: originally not to eat sweet women became pregnant after a pregnant women eat sweets, usually likes sweet girl, with almost.相关的主题文章: