Jerry Yan Lin Chiling compound Man rumored girlfriend disappeared in March after the sun shine masa-c

Jerry Yan Lin Chiling compound? The gossip girl disappeared after March sun Beijing September according to new network – 16, according to Taiwan "Chinese times news, Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan love around 14 years, before the day was again broke the" two reconciliation "hearsay, exactly why a lively discussion outside the truth. But just as fans eagerly look forward to the two compound at the same time, Jerry Yan’s rumored girlfriend Zhang Xien in 3 months apart, once again issued a document from the social networking site of sun shine. Zhang Xien and Jerry Yan model because the United States and Japan with the sex scandal, in November last year, Jerry Yan was asked about the relationship with Zhang Xien, more emphasis on each other is very important in the heart of a good friend, "said Zhang Xien in his most frustrated, best to accompany him. And Jerry Yan’s remarks have been interpreted as the media is to recognize love zhang. But Lin Chiling, Jerry Yan first came to the fate, in Lin Chiling, two people sharing a broker, and now also broke rumors, as did Zhang Xien from A to Z exist at this time, Zhang Xien disappeared after 3 months, once again issued a document, I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival, whether the intention behind why only. The parties know.相关的主题文章: