Jianye refused to send human form will Luneng to win-shishangqiyi

Jianye refused to send " human " Luneng to win will form Jianye special correspondent Liu Chaofeng reported the key moment in the relegation rivals "thirsty", Jianye always come to the rescue in time, this time in the face of Luneng, will continue? Greentown difficult, Jianye promptly gave the opponent "thirst" victory; TEDA echelon key moment, poor road central army once again sent accede, on Saturday, Tianjin Jianye guest challenges against relegation situation in TEDA, the Osman advanced 1 ball, is the home team Lianban two goals reverse, a temporary escape from the relegation circle. The TEDA game, Jianye lineup Patino, McGovern somewhat beyond all expectations, and Samardzic three just to their national team return team of foreign aid, although after a long journey, but all appeared first, absolute core, after the field of starting Ivo was on the bench, striker Osman it has the opportunity to play in attack and partner Patino. Opening less than 5 minutes, Jianye attack each other in front of the melee, chaos Osman Qiangdian break, which is following the first round of home court of Hong Kong, after 23 rounds, the striker scored again, it is not easy. But the lack of malpractice also Ivo, Jianye clearly revealed, and also made the defense does not focus on the old problem, by other foreign aid Monteiro to seize the opportunity to level the score. In the game with 30 minutes left, Jia Xiuquan will finally last substitutions to the public on. But compared to the people the impression that "God of war", Ivo was not in the state. In addition to personal dribbling can still create kicks in, running, breakthrough, quality is far better than the usual penalty, ultimately, Jianye be reversed. Lose the game, it is a shame for Jianye, Jia said: the player is to guide the game played well, eventually lost the game first or the responsibility of the coach. Also shows that the players and the team is relatively young, with pressure in this game, the final stalemate or not TEDA sophisticated, especially on the second half at the end of time lost the ball, especially the need to sum up, the young players also need to learn how to control the game. At the meeting, all these details were emphasized, but the players still did not have a good control and need to continue to improve. Although losing to Jianye’s not such a big deal, but after all, they are not yet fully ashore. This Sunday, back to the home court against Jianye Lane operations team Luneng, either from the trend, or the wishes of fans speaking, they are supposed to strive for a victory. Then to the best lineup for the Jianye will take advantage of home court advantage all year to lay the League for the remainder of the home court is not much. Luneng Wednesday AFC Champions League, then play in the league, and certainly not for physical Jianye, for the previous mistakes Jianye is self-evident, the importance of the game, "although Luneng is very powerful, but can never be scared. We need to unite when we are not fully ashore.相关的主题文章: