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Jimmy Lin son learned to walk. The baby crawl notes – mother Jimmy Lin in micro-blog yesterday Sohu drying out of their little son "little black rice" photos, including "small black" double leg to step forward in his direction, but did not hold anything, has learned to walk. Jimmy Lin said: "10 months of small black one step, is a big step in my life, and are not afraid of the fall has been shouting dad, and walked toward me, let me have more power." Users also have a message, call "good lovely happy". "Good looks handsome, a bunch of girls to fall", "Okuro Mita" cute ", refuels". However, some users have expressed concern about the 10 month old baby to learn how to walk too early, whether the bones are not good. In fact, the 10 month old baby to learn the basic stand age, as long as you don’t let the baby can be assured to spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, natural crawl stand. At this time the baby learn to stand before crawling stage is particularly important. Baby learn to walk the three stages: the first stage: sit in about six to seven months, the baby’s neck strength increase is not easy to yaotouhuangnao, gradually can rely on their own strength to stand up or sit down on the wall, a pillow, just to be independent when sitting, must pay attention to the baby can not be sedentary to maintain the same posture and because the spine is not fully developed, easy to cause the legs and spine dysplasia. The second stage: in this stage the baby to climb things even more curious, so start crawling action, but this time the limb is not coordinated and the hands and feet support strength is insufficient, so often in his belly to spin in place of the ground or sliding backwards. About eight months, the limbs and bones have been able to support the weight of the body, then the use of the hands and knees stuck in the form of crawling. The third stage: Baby training muscle and bone wrist, arm, knee and trunk of the body are crawling, and leg strength is larger and more flexible, generally in about ten months, you can hold the walls or furniture to stand up, the baby’s activities at this time force will be greater. (small rice) priority choice baby preparations 1 place crawling baby crawling crawling, is to choose a good site location must be open and flat, some babies because of the limited place and stopped at the site to crawl, for example in the bed, the baby may be considered to be a place to sleep (sheets grip poor, also easy to slip) or not wide, unable to improve crawling intention, and also must pay attention to and the ground fall in bed height, to avoid the baby accidentally falls and other accidents. On the other hand, the choice of open space can avoid the interference of other obstacles, causing unnecessary accidents. 2 clothes wear notes A. baby crawling, stomach often contact with the ground, parents need to pay attention to the chest parts of the garment have big jewelry and sharp buttons must be removed, can let the baby crawl safety. B. baby belly lying in direct contact with the ground to catch a cold, that can protect the baby wearing belly clothes, avoid cold..相关的主题文章: