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Ji’nan elderly mothers to nearly two children to help pregnant clinic doctors are not able to drink water on the age of menopause, but also want to have a baby for ten years, the only child of the age of 52 in the country feel cold and want to be a…… Comprehensive two child policy liberalization, many elderly women’s mother’s dream was lit again, with the increasing age of pregnancy is not easy, assisted reproductive technology has become their hope of life-saving straw". Reporters learned from the major reproductive centers in Ji’nan, from the beginning of the year, the amount of outpatient than in the previous substantial growth, half of which is two children. 46 year old want to have a child, or did not win time, Zhang Huamei, a 46 year old (a pseudonym) in the past two years has been racing against time. After two separate child policy came out, and then a desire, in her heart sowed the seeds. My daughter is 22 years old to go to university, think about the future, the family left us a couple of strange deserted. Besides, the whole family is looking forward to giving her another brother." Though it was already 44 years old, she desperately wants a child, decided to put together. After the ring began to prepare pregnant, chapter Huamei did not eat all kinds of supplements, the husband also quit and actively cooperate with the. However, efforts for more than half a year, but still no good news. Since the past six months, my mother will ask me from time to time there is no movement, even the night dreaming are pregnant." Has been quiet belly began to let Zhang Huamei chenbuzhuqi, she and her husband decided to go to the hospital to see her husband, a check body good, it is her own body. Check the fallopian tube is blocked, but also took some ovulation drugs, the doctor said it would increase the chances of pregnancy." Zhang Huamei thought, after all, the age in this place, not younger than, want to have. Perhaps after the fallopian tube is smooth, the baby will hear her sincere call, can come earlier. However, the promotion of drugs to eat for two or three months, to help pregnant doctors have changed a few, but Zhang Huamei has not been pregnant. More and more impatient with her, the last hope in assisted reproductive technology. In July and August last year, to a hospital in Ji’nan want to do IVF, the doctor said the problem is not a fallopian tube, ovarian function can be, do not do ivf." Because of pelvic inflammation, chapter Huamei took Chinese herbal medicine promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and rented an instrument, 30 minutes a day massage acupuncture points, adhere to three months later, she was finally pregnant with. "The doctor told me to relax, try again, really did not expect to have." From the moment the baby bear, chapter Huamei every day counting the days, but happiness has been more than and 50 days or when the baby out of the accident, tire stop. "At that time, it was really collapse, I did not expect the baby to go." Zhang Huamei reluctantly had an abortion, every day, every half a year to recover, to try again. But this is half a year, her ovaries rapidly aging. Although the doctor told her that she might not be able to help, she insisted on trying. "From the beginning of June this year to promote the row of first 300 units, later added to the maximum amount of 375 units, even playing for three months, still can not remove the eggs." By October, Zhang had to give up, she said, eventually.相关的主题文章: