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Light shining future Kung Fu life belief belief in life light shining future Kung Fu orphans, children of single parent families, poor children, this is a disturbing group, children are basically in a predicament, and the lack of affection, worrying future existence. In the process of their growth, there will be a series of psychological problems plaguing them, such as: inferiority, loneliness, sensitivity, self blame. In the face of material and spiritual double repression, the children’s future precarious. Although the government, social institutions have been sparing no effort to help the crowd in various forms, but helpless in this huge crowd, there are still children on the brink of helpless fate. Xin and has always been the traditional virtue of folk China weak and poor, often have children who love to help provide food and clothing for their warm, medical assistance, education opportunities, the growth of the children can be guaranteed. Gagger tender establish warm Kung Fu House November 16 Japan Wednesday night 21:10 Jiangsu TV, China’s first file Star public service program "us" led the attention to orphans and poor children. Hongkong famous martial arts actor Fan Siu Wong and mainland actor Xiong Naijin participated in this period, they came to the Chinese martial arts village in Dengfeng city of Henan Province, the world famous Shaolin Temple, the local martial arts training in scale development. In many local martial arts colleges, there is a hope academy, eye-catching. This is a school founded in 2004 to aid, helping orphans, poor children oriented comprehensive martial arts school. The college has more than and 100 children, including 53 children were orphans, 25 children are single or poor students. Over the years, the college has continued to provide children with the opportunity to study martial arts, they gave birth to a dream, fly here hope school has become cold children Kung Fu home. Dean and founder Liu Gang is Henan Dengfeng people, he was 19 years old to learn Shaolin Yinggong, can play the famous Shaolin Temple monk group coach. Since the start of hope academy, Liu Gang with children experienced all sorts of trouble, he taught martial arts, give children meticulous care, to bring the warmth of home for them. He used to educate the children, Kung Fu is not aggressive, but to inherit Wushu skills in physical fitness, self-cultivation and promote martial spirit of justice. A group of children here grew up, they go to society, out of their own lives. Wherever you go, I hope Dengfeng academy is the most strong backing. Fan Siu Wong Xiong Naijin dedicated teaching martial coach Fan Siu Wong was cooking the warmth of martial arts, has a good performance in the TV drama martial arts. He and the young boys share their childhood basic skills training experience; to show kids show points of TV drama martial arts link. Fan Siu Wong from the bottom of the heart hope that children can make progress in martial arts, step by step to go out, have a good future. Xiong Naijin gentle and amiable character, do the children’s life teacher is appropriate. Buy food, cooking vegetables, through this process, Xiong Naijin is not easy to realize college support more than and 100 students, and the children daily reading martial arts, and is.相关的主题文章: