Law enforcement encounter cold-shoulder treatment highlights the legal short board – Sohu comments wh60a

Law enforcement encounter "cold-shoulder treatment" highlights the legal short board – Sohu for comment "pollution siege" problems, Anyang city has become the focus of media attention. On September 16th, Anyang vice mayor Tang Xiantai led the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau responsible person in the inspection of dust pollution, to the project site investigations, locked the door, through the door you can see, there are a lot of loess site without any covering. When the law enforcement officers to identify the identity of the Ming Dynasty, and asked to enter the site for law enforcement inspection, a staff member of the site has repeatedly blocked, law enforcement officers will block the door for nearly 40 minutes. In reality, the law enforcement object close confrontation, do not rule out more timid and overcautious, but deliberately, to hinder law enforcement timely access to the site, and then destroy the evidence transfer, destruction of goods involved. Unfortunately, the law enforcement measures of law enforcement activities are not refined, so that law enforcement suffered loss of obstruction of official business behavior, but there is no other way of communication and coordination. Closed anti law obviously belongs to obstruction of official duties, but according to the law of public security administration punishment, such acts can only be detained at the maximum 10 days, may impose a fine of $500. The crime of disrupting public service is generally based on the threat of violence, threat, will not open the door, the negative resistance of soft violence excluded. Such punishment is obviously light, lack of scientific nature, not enough to deter illegal behavior. Even the formation of the law will be closed door, further deterioration of the law enforcement environment. It is necessary to improve the law as soon as possible, to make up the short board, so that enforcement activities more targeted and operational measures. If the law enforcement authority is required to have the power to take coercive measures to enter the illegal scene in the recording or third party witness, and severely punish the soft violence of passive resistance. So, in order to ensure that law enforcement activities are mandatory and non confrontational, completely to form an effective deterrent to dispel the offenders "closed against law" arrogance. Shi Hongju (judge)相关的主题文章: