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Life big bang: electric heater and air conditioning which charge? It’s getting colder in winter and autumn. Many small partners go out and put on the down jacket. There are some small partners to work when using warm baby. In home heating, more users are using air-conditioning and heating. They can improve the temperature around us and make people feel warm. But on the case of power consumption, household electric heaters and air-conditioning in the end which cost more electricity, how to use more power? The life of the big bang column to come and talk to you about this issue, small partners interested may wish to understand. Electric heater and air conditioning who charge electricity? Air conditioning and electric heater who is more expensive? The general principle of air conditioning heating heat pump, a complete heat cycle within, and the principle of heating heater is an electric heating wire, rely on high temperature circulation cooling. The difference between heat exchange mode, but also determines the difference between the two power consumption. At present, the market is relatively common. Said the air conditioner and electric heater, the heat exchange is not the same, air conditioning heating heating is in the consumption of certain power simultaneously from the outdoor air in absorb a lot of heat transferred to the indoor air conditioning system, average heat consumption per 1 kilowatt additional transfer equivalent to 2 degrees from the outdoor to indoor heat and electricity; only in the consumption of electricity in the electric heater is turned into heat, power consumption, power consumption in the premise to obtain the same heater heating effect under the air conditioning heating more than. In this regard, the relevant industry analysts said, just from the point of view of energy conversion air conditioning than the electric heater to save a little hasty conclusion. The theory with actual or differentiated, the hot air will rise because the density is small, the room personnel activity area is about 1.8m (1 meters high above 8 persons excluded), air conditioning installation height is basically in the room on the roof, leaning against the inside of the fan forced convection and heat conduction, electric the heating is below, then, to get the same personnel activity area comfortable temperature obviously need to consume more energy and air conditioning. In such as floor radiation, this is more energy saving, but also the human body comfort will be high, because the heat up. So we should not easily conclude that air conditioning is more power saving. In addition, if it is a small range of heating, and heating time is not long, then the electric warmer more power. Electric heating is equivalent to a small fan in front of a large power electric bulb, then heating the air, the formation of warm air. The air conditioning system and the heat equivalent of the indoor air sucked into the machine through the loop, sent to the indoor heating, air conditioning parts more natural power consumption is more, so most of the amount of electricity market are lower than the air conditioning heater. Household appliances: electric heating power of small coup on the common market of electric heating for 1500W and 2000W in two, when the power line is permitted, the correct selection of gear power saving, reduce line load. After starting the electric heater, the temperature of the surface of the shell reaches the setting temperature point after the rapid heating, and the temperature controller can automatically cut off the power supply, and the power of the 1 or the 2 file can be selected at this time. When the temperature controller is reset, the utility model is heated by low power, and the indoor temperature is gradually increased.相关的主题文章: