Lu Jun the price of gold up to the pressure line, continue to withdraw more days onavo protect

Lu Jun: the price of gold up to the pressure line, continue to withdraw within days to do more than Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Beijing time on September 6th (Tuesday): following Friday August payrolls data less than expected and poor manufacturing data released overnight, U.S. August employment market index (LMCI) once again returned to the side, if the market is expected to. At the same time announced the U.S. September IBD consumer confidence index and the United States in August ISM non manufacturing PMI were lower than expected, while the United States in August ISM non manufacturing new orders index is a record low since the beginning of December 2013. These data, the dollar index fell sharply, non US currencies have a strong rebound; precious metals gold and silver is also a strong move. A series of data overnight with Friday’s non farm payrolls and manufacturing data poor performance under the condition of the market for the fed to raise interest rates generally the possibility of doubt in September, data released before the U.S. federal funds rate futures show September rate hike to 30%, is 24% in December; the possibility of 57.8%, now 52.8%. The U.S. job market conditions index (LMCI) data in 2016 is basically in the sub regional value, which may be the Fed’s interest rate hike during the biggest resistance. Beijing time on September 6th (Tuesday) the international price of gold out of a strong rally, Asian city in early trading continued the gold high sideways a day before the market shocks, the lowest in the back to $1324 an ounce to obtain the support area rebounded sideways market, while in the matching period in Europe for a rebound, and successfully break through $1330 an ounce mark the highest pressure. Hit $1342 ounce line. Then in the U.S. set period of time the international price of gold continued strong market in Europe, the highest hit $1352 ounce line, gold prices trading temporarily stop at $1352 an ounce line, followed by a slight retracement correction, gold prices trading to close at $1349 an ounce line, days rose to 1.73%, the daily closing out a large candle. The international price of gold in the two after touching $1375 an ounce highs retracement stop correction, and in August in addition to the price of gold by July payrolls data show a strong influence on the international price of gold, from around $1360 an ounce highs quickly down market, and the price of gold at $1330 an ounce last area to obtain support, launched a long time interval (1330-1360) market shocks. Until the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Yellen later published a relatively hawkish remarks gold finally broke the shock at Jackson Holzer international global central bank, fell below $1330 an ounce mark, then the price of gold began a week of weak market withdrawal. Last week, the international price of gold fell to the lowest point since the June 28th British referendum, on Friday fell below $1300 ounce mark, the lowest hit $1299 ounce line. Fortunately in the Friday night out of the dropping rebound in prices recovered all the decline since the week. International gold price fell below $1330 ounce support theory相关的主题文章: